Paralegal Courses

Paralegal Courses That Deliver Immediate Results

At the Paralegal Boot Camp, we provide paralegal training to help you fast-track your career.

There are many options out there if you just want to collect paralegal CLE credits to keep up with your credentials for renewing your certification. Keeping up with your certification credits is important, but it doesn’t make you an indispensable member of the team.

How many attorneys have ever asked you if you’re keeping up with your CLE credits?

Attorneys want to work with paralegals who stay ahead of the curve and solve their problems.

And while our courses do come with CLE credits, it’s not our mission to fill your filing cabinet with certificates of attendance.

Paralegal Training Is Not The Same As Paralegal Education

It is our mission to help you become indispensable members of the legal team that you work with.  We do that with paralegal training programs to bridge the gap between what you learned in school and what you actually do on a daily basis when you’re working as a paralegal.

This should not just be a job for you.  As a professional in the legal industry, your career options are unlimited.

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Billable Hour Boot Camp

Don't stress about meeting your billable hour goal this year! We give you tactical strategies to take that will increase your billable hours, reduce write-offs, and get you out of the office sooner with easy productivity hacks.

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E-discovery Paralegal Boot Camp

Do you want to be the "go-to" person on your team when it comes to managing e-discovery projects? This e-discovery training program will help you easily transition to the role of an E-discovery Paralegal.

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Litigation Boot Camp for Paralegals

A litigation paralegal's job would be so much easier if you could read your attorney's mind. We can't teach you how to develop your telepathic skills...but we can give you the tools to master the discovery phase of your litigation cases.

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Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp

Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp

As a personal injury paralegal, you have an important role in the pre-litigation phase of your claim files. But where do you start when you're managing 80+ active files? The Personal Injury Paralegal Boot camp will give you all the tools to manage that heavy case load.

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Training for your Team

Out-of-the-Box training for your entire team to give them a solid paralegal professional development program, without you having to develop all of the training yourself.

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Trial Prep Boot Camp

Getting ready for trial is stressful and rewarding at the same time. What if your next trial didn't involve 14-hour work days? We'll show you how to actually enjoy going to trial...even if you work for the Master of Procrastination.

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Is this a

Paralegal Certificate Program?

No. The Paralegal Boot Camp is not a paralegal certificate program. It does not replace a degree in paralegal studies.

Our paralegal training courses provide continuing education to paralegals who have already finished their paralegal certificate program and who want to gain the paralegal skills needed to be indispensable members of the legal team.

For Your Entire Team

Paralegal Training

All of our paralegal courses are available to be presented to your entire team of legal professionals as live webinars, or they can access the on-demand version to get paralegal training on their schedule from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

In addition to our Paralegal Billable Hour Boot Camp, we also offer a variety of soft skills training programs for your paralegals and other legal professionals.

Learn More About Paralegal Training For Your Team or contact us for more information.


Litigation Paralegal Training

If you are new to a career as a litigation paralegal, this is a course that will give you that on-the-job training that you've been waiting for! The Litigation Paralegal Boot Camp is the ONLY online course and coaching program of its kind.