Billable Hour Boot Camp For Law Firms

Increase Utilization

Strategies to increase their billable hours

Increase Realization

Strategies to draft better time entries

Are your paralegals as profitable for your law firm as they could be?

Increase Productivity

Strategies to get more work done in less time

Paralegals and other law firm timekeepers can be profit centers for law firms if they understand the importance of time entry and their role in the firm.  The Billable Hour Boot Camp gives paralegals and other legal support professionals the strategies and tools to become law firm profit centers.

In this online training program, we give paralegals the methods and a step-by-step plan to increase their billable hours, draft time entries that show the real value of their work, and get more work done in less time.

We can schedule this 5-hour program as a series of short live webinars scheduled once per month, once per week, or whatever schedule you prefer.  You can also purchase on-demand access to the course so that your entire team gets access to the course.

You can’t just tell someone “you need to bill more hours” and expect great results.

They don’t teach paralegals how to draft billable time entries in school.  They don’t teach it in law schools either.  Most law firms don’t teach it to their new hires.

And that’s a shame because a law firm’s billable hours are its only source of revenue. The Billable Hour Boot Camp makes it possible for law firms to have comprehensive billable hour training as part of their new hire onboarding program.

What It Can Look Like

Here’s what you could gain with a group of 20 paralegals who use just one of the many strategies we teach in the Billable Hour Boot Camp:

  • .6 per day increase from just one of our strategies
  • 20 workdays x .6 = 12 hours per month
  • 12 hours x 11 months = 132 hours (we deduct 4 weeks for vacations and holidays)
  • 20 paralegals x 132 = 2,640 total hours
  • 2,640 hours x $150/hour = $396,000 gain in revenue from just 20 paralegals!

Now imagine the gain you could see with some of our other strategies that are seeing 300+ hours for each paralegal.  Or imagine if you have more than 20 timekeepers who take the course and implement these strategies.

Billable Hour Boot Camp For Law Firms

In just 5 hours, this course will give your entire team a SOLID PLAN to

1 – Increase their billable hours.

2 – Draft better time entries.

3 – Do more work in less time.

“This training was transforming for our team. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to take their career to the next level!”
“We hosted several Paralegal Boot Camps and our paralegals in attendance were able to increase their skill set in just one day of training. I am very pleased with the feedback and immediate results!”
“A great resource for new and experienced paralegals!”
"I can't say enough good things about the Paralegal Boot Camp and Ann Pearson's style of teaching!"

Cynthia Laberge

Lisa Gamble

Shayla Grayson

Billable Hour Boot Camp For Law Firms

Anne Fisher

Team Training

How it Works

1. You tell us how many seats you want for the year.
2. We enroll your team and they receive an email notification with a link to access the course.
3. They access the training materials from any computer or mobile device.
4. You receive quarterly reports on the status of their course completion.
billable hour
Billable Hour Boot Camp For Law Firms

Course Curriculum

This online training program will take approximately 5 hours to complete. Your entire team has access for one year.


Why billable hours should matter to everyone who works in a law firm.


Using the Billable Hour Calculator Tool for a written plan on how you will hit that billable hour target.


Time is Money – An easy way to see an increase of 200+ hours per year without doing any more work than you’re already doing.


Your Role as a Timekeeper – Stop writing off your own time.  You are not the billing partner.


Productivity Matters – How to see an increase of 300+ hours per year and get a better work/life balance.


Attention to Detail – Why they might not be giving you enough billable work


What to do When Work is Slow – even if you’re still WFH


The Art & Science of Drafting Better Time Entries


Live Coaching Call Recordings – For when you can’t attend the live calls throughout the year

Meet the Billable Hour Coach

Ann Pearson

paralegal profitability author of articleAnn Pearson is the Founder of the Paralegal Boot Camp®. Ann develops training programs exclusively for paralegals and other legal professionals who work under the supervision of attorneys. Ann has been helping law firms increase their paralegal profitability for more than a decade.

Law firms are leaving money on the table if they are not looking closely at paralegal profitability. While most managers and administrators don’t have control over associate billable hours, they do have the ability to significantly increase a law firm’s profitability through their paralegals and other legal support professionals.  – Ann Pearson

Before founding the Paralegal Boot Camp in 2010, Ms. Pearson had 20 years of experience in the legal industry.  Most recently, she was the paralegal manager at McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP (now Dentons), where she managed the paralegals, docket clerks, and case assistants in Atlanta, New York, and San Diego. Ann was able to significantly increase the profitability of McKenna’s paralegal group through methods that she now teaches in the Billable Hour Boot Camp.  Prior to her management position, Ann was a litigation paralegal for many years at an AmLaw 50 firm, working in the antitrust, product liability, and construction litigation practice areas.

Ms. Pearson also teaches courses for Emory University’s Paralegal Certificate Program and is a frequent speaker at legal industry events.  She serves on the Advisory Board for the Berkely College paralegal program and has served on several other paralegal certificate programs throughout her career.  Ann is a member of the Association of Talent Development, the Project Management Institute, and the International Practice Management Association.  She is the former VP of Education for the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Billable Hour


Who should attend this training?

The Billable Hour Boot Camp will benefit any law firm staff member or attorney who has an annual billable hour requirement, including:

  • paralegals
  • associates
  • litigation support
  • legal assistants

How will my staff access the course?

This is an on-demand online course that is accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.  When they are enrolled, they will receive an email with their login credentials.

Will I receive access to the course as their manager?

Yes, if your law firm purchases a package with more than 10 seats, then one manager receives free access to the course and live group coaching calls.

How long will they have access?

Access to the training program is for one year.  After that, your law firm can renew annually at a discounted rate.

What if I don't know how many seats I need?

The group pricing package is based on tiers (i.e. 20 – 39, 40 – 59, etc) so that you can choose the tier that you anticipate needing for the entire year. You can add seats throughout the year if you need more seats for new hires.

How much does this cost?

We offer group pricing based on the number of seats you need. This is a flat rate for one-year access.  It is not a “per seat” price.

We make it affordable for law firms of all sizes to enroll all of their timekeepers into the training program.

Is this approved for CLE credit?

It is pending approval for 5.0 CLE credits for paralegals.  We have not sought approval for attorney CLE credits as most state bar associations require that the instructor is an attorney. We will provide your firm with all of the paperwork necessary to submit the course to your state bar associations.

Do you offer this as a live training program?

Yes.  If you prefer live training for your team, we will schedule this course as a 5-part webinar series that is presented to your team.  Those webinars will be recorded and your team will have access to the recordings for one year.

What are these "live coaching calls" that are part of the course?

The live coaching calls are to help your team stay on track throughout the year. We’ve found that the biggest ROI from attending a course comes from accountability and follow-up after the training.  We want to make sure that your team stays on track to exceed their billable hour requirement.

When someone is enrolled in the course, in the Welcome & Introduction section they receive links to register for the live coaching calls that they plan to attend.  We record those coaching calls and make the recordings available in the online course platform so that everyone can access them if they choose.