Billable Hour Boot Camp For Law Firms

Increase billable hours & boost revenue for your law firm

without piling more work on your timekeepers, scrambling for new clients, or raising your bill rates.

billable hours for law firms

Increase Utilization

Strategies to increase their billable hours

Increase Realization

Strategies to draft better time entries

Increase Productivity

Strategies to get more work done in less time
"The Billable Hour Boot Camp was extremely helpful. Ann made suggestions that improved billing, realization, AND morale."
“The Billable Hour Boot Camp was very informative and gives you the tools to assure you are capturing all of your time and not leaving billable hours on the table.”
“This training was transforming for our team. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to take their career to the next level!”
“A great resource for new and experienced paralegals!”
Billable Hour Boot Camp For Law Firms

Tanya Bryant

Cheryl Bynum

Cynthia Laberge

Shayla Grayson

How much money is your law firm leaving on the table?

If you’re anything like the hundreds of law firms I’ve supported, you have…

  • Timekeepers not hitting billable hour targets
  • Time entries that get written down or written off
  • Clients frustrated about another rate increase
  • Costs and overhead are continuing to rise
  • Overtime creeps up for the timekeepers who do hit their targets
  • Excuses from timekeepers that they have no control over the amount of billable work they receive

Your Billable Hour Solution


Billable Hour boot camp

In just 5 hours, this course will give your entire team a SOLID PLAN to

1 – Increase their billable hours.

2 – Draft better time entries.

3 – Do more work in less time.

What Others Are Saying About This Billable Hour Course

Jennifer Morris


Course was excellent with many takeaways and no "fluff!"  Practical, actionable strategies were taught, all of which can be implemented immediately in my practice.
Shelly Potter


This is a great program for anyone who needs help capturing their time! This is not just for legal staff - new attorneys (or even seasoned attorneys) can benefit.  Well worth the time.  Thank you, Ann! I have been able to increase my time substantially by using your techniques!
Cheryl Bynum


The Billable Hour Boot Camp was very informative and gives you the tools to ensure you are capturing all of your time and not leaving any billable hours on the table.

What if every timekeeper in your law firm could gain 100 to 250 billable hours each year?

Here’s what you could gain with a group of 20 associates and paralegals who use JUST ONE of the many strategies we teach inside the Billable Hour Boot Camp:

billable hourNOT TO MENTION

  • Reduced stress for timekeepers
  • Less partner time spent revising time entries (now they can bill more hours!)
  • Less turnover from reducing timekeeper stress about hitting their billable hour target
  • High-level training developed, designed, and delivered FOR YOU so that you can spend your time on the important work for your role
billable hour boot camp for law firms
billable hours for law firms

Billable Hour Boot Camp walks your team through

my Billable Hour Framework

billable hours for law firms

Proven to increase utilization, productivity, and realization –

without adding more work hours to your timekeepers’ plates.

Billable Hour Boot Camp


1. On-demand or live training options - you choose the format that works best for your budget and your team.
2. 5 hours of video lessons to consume right away - or choose the live training option to customize the training and Q & A time.
3. One-year access to course materials to refer back to throughout the year - and to use to on-board your new hires throughout the year!
4. Live Q & A/Coaching Calls with Ann Pearson - Even with the on-demand version, we hold several live Zoom meetings per year to support your team in reaching their goals.
5. Our Annual Billable Hour Calculator Tool - our proprietary tool to help your team plan out their year and hit their billable hour target.
6. Productivity Calculator Tool - how to get more out of ever day and see where the time is going.
7. Attendance and activity reports for management - so that you always know your team is on track.
Billable hours for law firms
Billable Hour Boot Camp For Law Firms

Course Curriculum

This online training program will take approximately 5 hours to complete. Your entire team has access for one year.


We start with why billable hours should matter to everyone who works in a law firm because simply telling your timekeepers to “just bill more hours” isn’t the most effective way to increase their billable hours. They need more than a Billable Hour Best Practices Memo.  We get them excited and motivated to look at their billable hours and time entry requirements in a different light.

MODULE 1 Use the Billable Hour Calculator Tool for a written plan on how you will hit that billable hour target.

This module provides your team with a Billable Hour Calculator inside an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel file that they can customize to estimate how many hours they have available each month based on several variables, including scheduled vacations, holidays, productivity level, and total work hours.  This tool will make it easier for them to make a written plan to meet any billable hour goal.

MODULE 2  Time is Money – An easy way to see an increase of 200+ hours per year without doing any more work than you’re already doing.

This module will give your legal team a whole new perspective on why it is crucial to enter their time contemporaneously while doing the work.  Even if they’re already doing a good job of getting their time in by the end of the day or the end of the week, your team will be able to see significant gains in billable hours with this one strategy.  And this strategy does not require them to do more work than they are already doing.

MODULE 3  Stop Ghosting Your Time and See 100+ Hours Increase

Your timekeepers are unknowingly ghosting their billable time, and this can substantially negatively impact their billable hours.  These are billable hours that never make it into the timekeeping system.  We’ll show them how to look out for this sneaky thing we all do, sometimes while not even knowing that we’re doing it.

MODULE 4   Productivity Matters – How to see an increase of 300+ hours per year and get a better work/life balance.

In this module, we show your team how to increase their productivity while in the office to achieve a better work/life balance and be out of the office sooner.  We show them how to measure your daily, weekly, and monthly productivity and then give them solid methods to improve those numbers.  If they are short on your billable hours, this one method alone could increase their billable hours by 200 – 300 or annually!

MODULE 5   Attention to Detail – Why they might not be giving you enough billable work

Sometimes when work is slow and billable hours are low, it can be the result of too many “small mistakes” that we often think are overlooked.  Over time, those small mistakes can erode the trust and credibility of the supervising attorney.  This module will show how anyone can improve their attention to detail and focus on what is essential to get the job done right.

MODULE 6   What to do When Work is Slow – even if you’re still WFH

In this module, we will give your team a 6-step plan to find more billable work when work is slow and your billable hours are low.  We also help them develop a written plan and use it to increase their billable hours now and in the future.

MODULE 7   The Art & Science of Drafting Better Time Entries

Now that they’re billing more hours, it’s time to show them how to draft time entries that will stay on the bill and get paid by the client.  We do this through drafting techniques that will convert time entries into something that the billing partner and the client see as valuable.  We also discuss some of the most common reasons for write-offs and how to avoid them.

Invest 5 hours in this law firm training and increase your earnings potential like some of these firms:

  • A mid-sized law firm with 35 timekeepers (associates and paralegals) saw an increase of 4,000 billable hours at an average bill rate of $190 per hour, for a total gross increase of $760,000.  Additionally, realization rates increased from an average of 91% to 94.5%.
  • An AmLaw200 firm with 46 paralegals saw an increase of 3,450 billable hours at an average bill rate of $178 per hour, for a total gross increase of $614,100 worth of hours billed.  Additionally, realization rates increased from an average of 89% to 93%.
  • Just six months into the course, an insurance defense law firm with 15 paralegals started seeing an average increase of 150 total billable hours per month for their paralegal group.  Additionally, overtime was reduced by more than 20%.
billable hour boot camp for law firms
billable hours for law firms
Meet the Billable Hour Coach

Ann Pearson

Ann Pearson

Ann Pearson is the Founder of the PRM Group and Paralegal Boot Camp®. Ann develops training programs exclusively for paralegals and other legal professionals who work under the supervision of attorneys. Ann has been helping law firms increase billable hours and drafting time entries for more than a decade.

Before founding the company in 2010, Ms. Pearson had 20 years of experience in the legal industry.  Most recently, she was the paralegal manager at McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP, where she managed the paralegals, docket clerks, and case assistants in Atlanta, New York, and San Diego. Ann was able to significantly increase the profitability of McKenna’s paralegal group through methods that she has developed and defined for years inside the Billable Hour Boot Camp.  Prior to her management position, Ann was a litigation paralegal for many years at an AmLaw 30 firm, working in the antitrust, product liability, and construction litigation practice areas.

Because Ann has been in the role of a paralegal and paralegal manager, and now a business owner, she can give your team a unique perspective and the motivation to do better. She has heard all the same “excuses” that you have heard from “the other attorneys are hoarding the work” to “I don’t have any control over the amount of billable work that I receive.” This unique perspective allows her to reach through barriers that many timekeepers have about billable hours and time entry in general.

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Billable Hour

There is no other training like this on the market that teaches timekeepers how to recover lost billable hours, limit write-offs, and reduce overtime.

All of that means more revenue for your law firm – without more working hours for timekeepers, scrambling for new clients, or raising your billing rates.

Ann Pearson has once again provided a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and instructive training opportunity. I learned a lot of valuable tools to help increase my billable hours, and it has worked! Thank you, Ann.

Felicia Grimes

I have a completely different mindset around billable hours now - thank you!

Colleen Marcin

This is an excellent course with real strategies to capture your billable hours!

Angela Stewart

It is awesome! Loved every minute of it.

Kristie Giesenschlag

So many good nuggets of information that will increase billable hours.

Renee Dubuque

I found the course and instruction to be clear and highly informative. I learned alot.

James Alexander

Excellent job and great ideas that I plan to implement right away to help with this year’s billable hours!

Stacey Clarke


Who should attend this training?

The Billable Hour Boot Camp will benefit any law firm staff member or attorney who has an annual billable hour requirement, including:

  • paralegals
  • associates
  • litigation support
  • legal assistants

How will my associates and paralegals access the course?

If you choose the option to have on-demand access to the online course, your team will receive an enrollment email with instructions for logging in and accessing the course from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

If you choose the option to have Ann Pearson present the training program to your team via live webinar, we will send you the link to share with your team to attend from their desks or as a team from your conference room(s).

If you choose the in-person option, your team will still have access to the online course to continue to refer to throughout the year and attend our Live Q & A coaching calls that we hold throughout the year.

Will I receive access to the course as their manager?

Yes, if your law firm purchases a package with more than 10 seats, then one manager receives free access to the course and live group coaching calls.

How long will they have access?

Access to the training program is for one year.  After that, your law firm can renew annually at a discounted rate.

What if I don't know how many seats I need?

The group pricing package is based on tiers (i.e. 20 – 39, 40 – 59, etc) so that you can choose the tier that you anticipate needing for the entire year. You can add seats throughout the year if you need more seats for new hires.

How much does this cost?

We offer group pricing based on the number of seats you need. This is a flat rate for one-year access.  It is not a “per seat” price.

We make it affordable for law firms of all sizes to enroll all of their timekeepers into the training program.

Is this approved for CLE credit?

It is pending approval for 5.0 CLE credits for paralegals.  We have not sought approval for attorney CLE credits as most state bar associations require that the instructor is an attorney. We will provide your firm with all of the paperwork necessary to submit the course to your state bar associations.

Do you offer this as a live training program?

Yes.  If you prefer live training for your team, we will schedule this course as a one-day VIP workshop in your office or as a 5-part webinar series that is presented via Zoom.  Those webinars will be recorded, and your team will have access to the recordings for one year.

What are these "live coaching calls" that are part of the course?

The live coaching calls are to help your team stay on track throughout the year. We’ve found that the biggest ROI from attending a course comes from accountability and follow-up after the training.  We want to make sure that your team stays on track to exceed their billable hour requirement.

When someone is enrolled in the course, in the Welcome & Introduction section they receive links to register for the live coaching calls that they plan to attend.  We record those coaching calls and make the recordings available in the online course platform so that everyone can access them if they choose.

billable hour boot camp for law firms
billable hours for law firms