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Training for Paralegals

Paralegal Training

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Your career development is important to you. It is important to me too.

As a former paralegal and paralegal manager, I also know that your time is limited. I was there!

As a busy paralegal, you don’t want to waste hours on paralegal courses that don’t add real value to your career.

At the Paralegal Boot Camp, our mission (and my mission!) is to help you become valued, indispensable members of the legal team…

And to ENJOY your paralegal career as much as I did. I want you to enjoy going into work every day.

Let’s do this together,

. . .Best mentoring/training I’ve had!

I went to college for a piece of paper. I joined the Litigation Boot Camp for information I could use. Everything I learned in this boot camp I was able to apply to my job duties from Day 1 and I was able to build from each lesson to better perform my job. Anyone who was in a sink or swim position like I was should definitely invest in any of her courses. 

– Jasmine Shaw

Paralegal Boot Camp reviews

As a new (or fairly new) litigation paralegal,

does it sometimes feel as if you need to become a mind reader to stay 
ahead of those last-minute requests?

If only your attorney would tell you what’s going on in your cases when they actually learn about it rather than right before it’s due.

We can hear the laughter out loud from here!

Instead of wasting your time trying to change that procrastinator, what if you could do something differently?

We can help you with that!

Featured Courses


The only online training program of its kind that combines self-paced learning and live coaching to give litigation paralegals all of the skills they need to proactively move a litigation case forward without waiting for the attorney to tell you what needs to be done.


E-discovery project management is a required skill for litigation paralegals who want to have a successful paralegal career. 

In this course, we give you a step-by-step guide (and template!) to manage your e-discovery projects from start to finish.


The only team training program of its kind that will increase your law firm’s billable hours with a proven framework to help your timekeepers recapture lost time, decrease overtime, reduce write-offs, and write better time entries.


The Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp gives you the knowledge, tools, and checklists to easily manage a heavy caseload from case intake through the demand and settlement phase of your personal injury claim files.


What if your next trial didn’t have to mean that you would be working 14-hour days?

We will show you how to master the trial prep of your cases so that you can enjoy your next trial…even if you work for the Master of Procrastination.

Paralegal Training For Your Team

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All of our paralegal courses are available as group training presented to your entire team, either through:

  • live webinars
  • live workshops in your office
  • as group enrollments in our on-demand online access option

In addition to our featured courses listed above, we also offer several 60-minute live webinars as monthly professional development programs to:

  • law firms
  • government agencies
  • corporate legal departments
paralegal training

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