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A Place to Start as a Litigation Paralegal With No Experience

Here is a place to start as a litigation paralegal when you have no experience and you're trying to get your paralegal career started.

How to Make More Money as a Paralegal

Ann gives you 3 strategies to help you make more money as a paralegal with her insights learned as a paralegal manager.

Paralegal Billable Hours – The Important Numbers

Three key numbers that you should be tracking if you are paralegal working in a law firm with a billable hour requirement.

Civil Litigation Defense: Preparing for Trial

Rachael Duke gives us a roadmap in preparing for trial as a civil litigation defense paralegal and how to work a case up for trial.

Key Strategies to Change Your Mindset About Your Billable Time

Discovery three key strategies to change your mindset about having to enter your billable time when working in a law firm.

The Litigation Paralegal Boot Camp is Open

The only online paralegal course that gives new litigation paralegals monthly group coaching calls and best-in-class paralegal training.

Is Everything a Rush Project for Paralegals?

It sometimes feels like there's no way around it. When you work attorneys everything is a rush project. But does it have to be that

How to Get Promoted to a Paralegal Position

How to get promoted to a paralegal position if you took any position you could just to get your foot in the door.

Paralegal Resume Tips

If your resume needs a refresh, these paralegal resume tips will help you get started and avoid a few common resume mistakes.

Can You Make Any Money as a Freelance Paralegal?

Ann Pearson interviews Jaclyn Foster to bring you tips to succeed as a freelance paralegal.

Accelerate Your Career With This 5-Day Challenge for New Litigation Paralegals

Do you want to fast-track your paralegal career? Join the upcoming 5-day challenge for new litigation paralegals.

I Was Interviewed by a Paralegal Student

Paralegal Student Kristy Medo interviews Ann Pearson where they discuss her career journey and the future of the paralegal profession.

You Are Worth More Than $15 Per Hour!

Let's stop accepting those low paying paralegal positions and set a new standard for paralegal salaries.

50 Tips for New Paralegals

We asked paralegals across the country, and here's their tips for new paralegals. Things they wish someone told them early in their career.

The “Underpaid” Paralegal

Are you feeling like an underpaid paralegal? Get tips on becoming an invaluable paralegal from our latest guest blog by Veronica Paulino.

Alternative Paralegal Career Options

An updated list of alternative paralegal career options for paralegals and none of them include the traditional paralegal job title or role.

5 Paralegal Mistakes to Avoid

Learn what 5 paralegal mistakes to avoid early in your career in order to fast-track your career development and success.

What is the Litigation Paralegal Career Accelerator?

The Litigation Paralegal Career Accelerator is a framework designed to help you accelerate your paralegal career in less time.

Top 7 Tips for Litigation Paralegals in 2024

These 7 tips for litigation paralegals can help you accelerate your career in the coming year.

Use This 3-Step Plan for Litigation Paralegals to Accelerate Your Career in 2024

Learn a 3-step plan for litigation paralegals to accelerate their careers through understanding a developing their eDiscovery skills.

What is a Litigation Paralegal?

A litigation paralegal assists attorneys with case management, drafting discovery, preparing for depositions, assisting at trial, and so much more.

Top 10 Paralegal Career Takeaways from 2023

These 10 paralegal career takeaways can help you accelerate your career in the coming year.

5 Tips for Paralegals Working with Multiple Attorneys

This article from guest blogger Christina West offers 5 great tips for paralegals working with multiple attorneys.

Celebrating Paralegal Success in 2023

Learn how to celebrate your accomplishments and measure your progress year after year to stay motivated and growing professionally.

Paralegal Compliance Officer – An Interview with Melissa Andrews

Ann interviews Melissa Andrews as they discuss her career journey and applying her paralegal skills as a compliance officer.

The Power of Paralegal Mentors – An Interview with Ashley Stasiewich

Ann interviews Ashley Stasiewich as they reflect on the power of paralegal mentors and the impact they can have on someone's career.

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety as a Paralegal

This article from guest blogger Rachael Duke gives effective tips for overcoming stress and anxiety as a paralegal.