what is a litigation paralegal

What is a Litigation Paralegal?

WHAT IS A LITIGATION PARALEGAL? A litigation paralegal is someone who works under the supervision of an attorney who practices in criminal or civil litigation.  A litigation paralegal assists the attorney with many case management duties, from the complaint through the trial and the appeal. …

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alternative paralegal career options
Paralegal Tips

Alternative Paralegal Career Options

The skills that you’ve acquired throughout your paralegal career have opened the door to unlimited employment opportunities if you are looking for a job that does not have the title “paralegal.” Here are 15 Alternative Careers for Paralegals: Legal Staffing Recruiter Professional Development and Training…

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paralegal tips
Paralegal Tips

Contribute to our eBook!

We’re putting together an eBook filled with paralegal tips and advice, titled 101 Tips for New Paralegals. We plan to publish and distribute the eBook for free to all new paralegals and we need your help! Please take a moment to add your tip.  You…

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paralegal program scam
Paralegal Tips

How to Spot a Paralegal Program Scam

How to Spot a Paralegal Program Scam Paralegal program scams have been on the rise. An unsuspecting potential student enrolls in a paralegal program to get a paralegal certificate and then spends years wondering why they can’t get a job as a paralegal.  Here are…

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paralegal CLE requirements by state
Continuing Education

Paralegal CLE Requirements by State

Paralegal CLE Requirements by State Paralegal CLE requirements vary greatly, depending on your certification and the state you work in. We’ll review each state’s continuing education requirements below.  If your state does not have a certification or registration program, there are several national certifications that…

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personal injury checklist 2
Paralegal Tips Personal Injury

Personal Injury Case Checklist

 Keep yourself organized with this Personal Injury Case Checklist We use this checklist in our Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp as a starting point for getting your personal injury cases organized.  Many of the forms and templates that are part of this checklist are also…

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