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Paralegal Blog with Ann Pearson

How to Balance Being a Mom and a Rockstar Paralegal

Balancing being a mom and a rockstar paralegal can be a lot of work, but in our guest blog from Christina West, you'll get some

A Path from Paralegal to Lawyer

Ann interviews guest Sarah Riley Mohr on how she went from paralegal to lawyer. This Q & A will give you insight on this career

A Path to eDiscovery Certification

Ann interviews guest expert, Michael Quartararo, President of the ACEDS on the importance of e-discovery in your litigation paralegal career and shares important insights for

4 Ways to Stay Ahead of Email Jam

Is your inbox as a paralegal overwhelming you? Learn 4 ways to stay ahead of email jam in our guest blog from Christina West.

Trial Notebook to the Rescue

A new case file has been dumped on your desk. Here's a template for a Trial Binder (aka Trial Notebook) that will help take some

Starting a Paralegal Career Without a Paralegal Certificate

Ann interviews guest Jessie Foss on how she started her career without a paralegal certificate. This Q & A will give you insight on how

Working for a Plaintiff Firm vs. a Defense Firm

Are you considering working for a plaintiff firm or a defense firm? Learn the pros and cons of each in our guest blog from Wendie

7 Habits of the Indispensable Paralegal

These habits will help you become an indispensable paralegal and

Practicing Mindfulness to Reduce Stress

Mindfulness can help your paralegal career be less stressful. Get effortless ways to implement mindful practices throughout 2023.

Tips for Coping When Your Boss Yells at You

This article will give you tips for what to do when your boss yells at you and steps to take to navigate difficult situations like

Litigation Technology Tips for Paralegals

In our latest guest blog, Cara Miller offers tips for choosing and learning the right litigation technology to work more effectively.

eDiscovery Matters to Your Litigation Career

Learn why gaining eDiscovery skills is now a requirement to advance your career as a litigation paralegal.

10 Paralegal Tips to Fast-Track Your Paralegal Career

Do you want to fast-track your paralegal career and start standing out at your firm? Here are 10 paralegal tips to help you.

What is Your 5-Year Plan?

Have you thought about what you want your life and career to look like in 5 years? Learn how to create a 5-year plan to

Managing Clients and Their Expectations

In our newest guest blog, Gabrielle Phillips offers 11 techniques for successfully managing clients and their expectations as a paralegal.

Improving Your Paralegal Writing Skills

In our latest guest blog, Brett Surbey offers six tips for improving your paralegal writing skills to communicate effectively in your career.

Are You Still Waiting for That On-the-Job Training?

Learn what you can do to push your paralegal career forward if you're still waiting for on-the-job training at your firm.

3 Traits of a Rockstar Paralegal

Dive into 3 traits of a rockstar paralegal and how to develop them so that you can have a successful paralegal career.

What It Looks Like to be a Proactive Paralegal

This article will show you what it looks like to be a proactive paralegal and how you can start impressing your attorneys today.

Starting A New Paralegal Career Today

Find out 3 things I would do differently if I was starting a new paralegal career today, starting with investing in career development more.

5 Ways to Turn Your Paralegal Internship Into A Job Offer

A paralegal internship is a valuable way to start your paralegal career. Here are 5 ways to turn your paralegal internship into a job offer.

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Paralegal Manager

Are you trying to decide whether moving into management is right for you? Ann shares some pros and cons of being a paralegal manager.

Paralegal Roles in Other Countries

Explore the paralegal roles in countries around the world and gain an understanding of the core competencies required to be successful.

How To Lose a Paralegal Job In 10 Days

Learn the 10 things to avoid doing when just starting out as a paralegal and beyond to ensure your paralegal career starts off right.

Gain Experience with Paralegal Pro Bono Work

Learn how you can gain experience with paralegal pro bono work and how to find these opportunities in your paralegal career.

Tips for Managing Your Personal Injury Cases

Learn 3 tips for managing your personal injury cases and 3 knowledge-based ways to get ahead as a personal injury paralegal.

How to Combat Negativity in the Workplace

Learn actionable strategies for combatting negativity in the workplace and maintaining positive gratitude for the resources available to you.