litigation paralegal to ediscovery paralegal
e-discovery Litigation

Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal

How to Transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal Career options for paralegals are opening up, thanks to technology and a robust job market.  One of those options is to transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal.  Here are 3 steps you can start to…

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More TED Talks
Paralegal Tips

More TED Talks For Paralegals to Watch

Part 2 – More TED Talks For Paralegals This is Part 2 of a post we did last month on the 9 TED Talks for Paralegals to Watch.   We’ve rounded up a few more TED Talks in case you’re looking for some binge-watching during…

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litigation software
Litigation Paralegal Technology

Types of Litigation Software to Know

Litigation Software as a New Litigation Paralegal We will break down the paralegal technology skills into three categories of software:  administration, matter management, and practice-specific applications.  As a new litigation paralegal, it is not expected that you will have mastered all of these technologies.  However,…

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podcasts for paralegals
Paralegal Tips

5 Non-Legal Podcasts For Paralegals

A New Spin on Your Typical List of Paralegal Podcasts There are already enough lists out there for the top podcasts for paralegals. That’s because there are not very many active podcasts for paralegals out there to choose from. We thought it was time to…

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records retrieval for paralegals
Paralegal Tips Personal Injury

19 Tips to Streamline Records Retrieval

19 Tips to Streamline Records Retrieval RESEARCH & DUE DILIGENCE If your firm handles litigation that involves any sort of injuries, chances are you’re familiar with the process of records retrieval. While records retrieval does not have to be a complicated activity, each step does…

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TED Talks for Paralegals
Paralegal Tips

9 TED Talks For Paralegals to Watch

9 TED Talks For Paralegals There are so many free educational videos out there that it can be somewhat overwhelming.  Not only that, but you could find yourself going down a rabbit hole and spending too much time finding relevant content.  We’ve rounded up nine…

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Writing Skills

Paralegal Communication Skills

7 C’s of Paralegal Communication Skills Communication skills are important if you want to have a successful paralegal career.  A paralegal’s day is filled with drafting motions, writing summaries, discussing the project status with an attorney, corresponding by email, telephone calls to clients and vendors,…

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tips for new paralegals
Paralegal Tips

50 Tips for New Paralegals

We asked paralegals across the country “What one tip would you give to a new paralegal that you wished someone told you early in your paralegal career?”  Here are their answers that we want to share with new paralegals.  Note:  We only added names if…

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