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Paralegal Blog with Ann Pearson

Mobile Notary (Signing Agent) Work As A Paralegal

Mobile notary work is a great way to earn money with the skills you already have from being a paralegal. Find out how to become

Paralegal Tips for Negotiating Client Bills and Liens

Christina West gives us her paralegal tips for negotiating client bills and healthcare liens that are typical in a personal injury claim.

10 WFH Paralegal Technology Tools

These 10 paralegal technology tools will make it easier for you to work from home, whether you are full-time or part-time WFH status.

Self-Care for Paralegals

Self-care is important for everyone, even paralegals. Get the latest tips for taking care of you and establishing healthy routines.

Mentoring New Legal Assistants

A Paralegal Boot Camp's guest blog writer gives you some great tips on how to mentor new legal assistants successfully.

Legal Writing Skills for the Paralegal

This Paralegal Boot Camp's guest blog writer gives you some great tips on improving your legal writing skills as a paralegal.

Dealing with Emotional Clients: 9 Strategies for Paralegals

The Paralegal Boot Camp's guest blog writer gives you some great tips on dealing with emotional clients as a paralegal.

5 Tips for Fast-Tracking Disbursement After Settlement

The Paralegal Boot Camp's guest blog writer gives you some great paralegal tips on fast-tracking disbursement after settlement.

How to Pass the Louisiana Notary Exam

One certification that may help you land your dream paralegal position is that of a Notary Public, but first you must pass the notary exam.

How To Be A Problem Solving Paralegal

Want to become a better problem solver? Here are 4 methods for solving problems like a rockstar paralegal.

The Scarcity Mindset in the Paralegal Profession is Not Good for Anyone

The scarcity mindset has been plaguing the paralegal profession for far too long. We're here to break the ice for the greater good.

8 Mindsets That Could Be Hurting Your Career

Dan Moulder, Paralegal Manager and Author of The Lunch, gives us some great insight on 8 mindsets that could be hurting your paralegal career.

Are You Being Underutilized?

8 tips from a fellow paralegal on how to improve your work situation if you are being underutilized by the attorneys you work with.

How to Turn Your Performance Review Into a Career Development Opportunity

It's time to reflect and level up your paralegal career. Here are 4 key ways to get the most out of your paralegal performance reviews.

Paralegal Side Gig Ideas (No driving required!)

If you need to make some extra cash, as a paralegal you have lots of options that don't involve driving for Uber or Door Dash.

Litigation Paralegal Q & A

Ann answers questions sent in from listeners on the topic of litigation. Each month the podcast has a Q & A session on a specific

Paralegal Podcast Episode – Interview with Molly McGrath

Molly gives us some great insight into employee retention, today's hottest practice areas for paralegals to consider, and so much more.

Paralegal Schools Forget to Mention These Things

Five things that most paralegal certificate programs forget to mention to potential paralegal students about what to expect as a new paralegal.

Paralegal Podcast Episode – How to be a Mindreader

Join Ann Pearson for a discussion on how to paralegals can add "mindreading" to their skill set.

7 Tips for Mastering the Paper Flow in the Paralegal World

The Paralegal Boot Camp's guest blog writer gives you some great paralegal tips on mastering the paper flow in a digital era.

Paralegal Life: Working For A Difficult Boss

Mary Mendoza gives paralegals her helpful insight into paralegal life with tips for working with a difficult boss.

How Failure Can Benefit Your Paralegal Career

Paralegal, Rebecca Bach, gives us 10 valuable lessons that we can take away when we experience a failure in our paralegal career.

Planning Your Contract Management System

Guest writer, Alice Kuo gives us insight on how to plan for a contract management system to keep organized in a remote work environment.

Paralegal Checklist: Countdown to Hitting Send

This paralegal communication checklist gives you reminders on what to check before hitting that send button.

10 Tips for Summarizing Medical Records

Summarizing medical records can be a major part of a paralegal’s job, especially if you work for a personal injury or insurance defense firm.

Do You Have the Foundational Technology Skills to Be Successful in Your Paralegal Career?

Owning a laptop computer and Instagram account might help combat boredom—but doesn’t necessarily translate to technical proficiency in a legal setting.

The Mobile Paralegal: Tips for Working Remotely

Tips for successfully turning your traditional office position into a mobile paralegal position so that you can work remotely.