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8 Mindsets That Could Be Hurting Your Career

A Podcast Interview With Dan Moulder, Paralegal Manager and Author Did you know that changing your mindset could make you happier at work? Are you ready to start achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of? Now is the time to self-reflect and start recognizing the…

Paralegal Tips

Are You Being Underutilized?

My fellow Paralegals, do you ever feel you’re at a dead-end in your job? Do you ever feel like your voice is not being heard?  You could be feeling what a lot of us feel – you are being underutilized. Look at the definition of…

litigation paralegal questions
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Litigation Paralegal Q & A

Being a litigation paralegal comes with its challenges. From learning how to read your attorney’s mind to staying up to date with the latest paralegal technology, you might feel overwhelmed with questions on how you can become a rockstar at your firm. In our latest…

paralegal schools forget to mention these things
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Paralegal Schools Forget to Mention These Things

Paralegal schools want enrollments, so it’s easy to understand why they present the paralegal profession in a certain light. But after they’ve got you enrolled and you’re in the paralegal certificate program, it would be helpful for you to also hear the downsides of being…

billable hour questions
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Billable Hour Q & A

It’s close to the end of the year, and if you’re a paralegal working in a law firm with a billable hour requirement, you might be stressing about it. So we asked our podcast listeners to send us their burning billable hour questions, and Ann…