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Paralegal Blog with Ann Pearson

Day in the Life of a Litigation Paralegal

This article walks you through a day in the life of a litigation paralegal and some of the typical everyday tasks of a paralegal.

What is the Litigation Paralegal Career Accelerator?

The Litigation Paralegal Career Accelerator is a framework designed to help you accelerate your paralegal career in less time.

10 Lessons Learned in My First Year as a Litigation Paralegal

This article provides 10 tips for paralegals in their first year as a litigation paralegal based on lessons learned on-the-job.

Paralegal Career Development – Tips for Asking Your Firm to Invest in You

Get tips on how to ask your firm or attorney to invest in your paralegal career development and increase your chances of getting a yes.

Where Your Litigation Career Path Can Take You

Guest expert Kim Bookout shares her story of litigation career path mobility and shares actionable strategies for your career.

How to Start Freelance Work as a Paralegal

Learn more about the benefits and challenges of freelance work as a paralegal and download a checklist for starting your own business.

9 Ways to Succeed as a Personal Injury Paralegal

Learn the 3 common hats that personal injury paralegals wear and 9 ways to help you succeed as a personal injury paralegal.

Legal AI – Can Paralegals be Replaced by Robots?

Can paralegals be replaced by robots? Read about legal technology and 4 ways you can increase your job security.

Paralegal Professional Development – Tips for New Paralegals

Guest blog writer and paralegal manager Veronica Hall shares her story and tips for your own paralegal professional development.

The Role of a Criminal Law Paralegal

What is it the role of a criminal law paralegal compared to a litigation paralegal? Get the answers here from a criminal law paralegal.

What is a Public Defense Paralegal?

What is a public defense paralegal? Here's an explanation of what a public defense paralegal does and their critical role in their firm.

Critical Thinking: What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Improve it

Critical thinking is a critical skill, but what is it and how can we improve it? Brett Surbey details its importance in your paralegal career.

Paralegal Career Benefits to Participating in Your Paralegal Association

Leatrice shares what she's gained from getting more involved in paralegal associations and becoming her association's social media manager.

Paralegal Career Growth – From Receptionist to Director

Guest expert Kim Barrett shares her story of moving from receptionist to Director and the best tips for growing your paralegal career.

6 Paralegal Tips to Reduce Stress

Six tips for paralegals to reduce stress in the workplace, avoid burnout, and focus on positive habits that promote wellness.

10 Things We’re Glad Have Changed in the Paralegal Profession

Are you new to the paralegal profession? Have you been a paralegal for years? Read the top 10 things we're glad have changed for legal professionals.

Transitioning to Litigation from Another Practice Area

Are you considering transitioning to litigation from another practice area? Here are 6 things you should do to make sure it's a good fit.

It Is About More Than Just Paralegal Skills

As a litigation paralegal, you can laser-focus on developing the right paralegal skills, but you have to remember two other key areas.

3 Mistakes That Could Be Preventing You From Landing That First Paralegal Job

Are you on the hunt for a paralegal job and not having much luck? Read the 3 mistakes keeping you from landing that first paralegal job.

3 Ways to Work Better with Attorneys

As a paralegal, are you struggling to find common ground when working with your attorney? Here are 3 tips to start working better together.

What This Paralegal Has Learned After Working With Attorneys for 40 Years

After 43 years of being a paralegal, Laurie shares lessons learned over time. You'll get tips on case management and working with others.

Websites Paralegals Should Bookmark (Or At Least Know About)

Having these websites bookmarked as a paralegal will save you hours on Google searching for the right resources when researching.

Paralegal Career Choice: Public Service or Private Practice

Are you considering a career working as a government paralegal? Learn the differences between that and working in a private law practice.

10 Things Attorneys Look For in a Paralegal

Are you considering a paralegal career? These are the top 10 things attorneys look for in a paralegal. Most of them are not exclusive to

The Pros and Cons of Going Solo vs. Large Firm

Are you trying to decide on solo vs large firm as the best fit for you as a paralegal? Laurie Fields sets out some pros

6 Ways to Expand Your Paralegal Education

Six ways for paralegals to expand and grow with informal education opportunities after your formal paralegal education is finished.

15 Alternative Paralegal Career Options

Your paralegal career experience and skills can lead to alternative paralegal career paths you might not have thought about.