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eDiscovery Q & A

In our latest podcast episode, Ann asked guest experts Andrea Pileggi and Kevin Gerami to answer your eDiscovery questions. Andrea and Kevin are with Ricoh, a global leader in technology and service delivery, that offers the best in class technology and service-based eDiscovery solutions for…

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The Pros and Cons of Going Solo vs. Large Firm

Are you a paralegal trying to decide on working at a solo vs large firm? Applying for your first or early-career legal positions may be a little daunting. A little research, introspection, and narrowing the field will assist in targeting your search. Decide Where You…

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6 Ways to Expand Your Paralegal Education

Don’t Settle for the Tip of the Iceberg Anyone who has spent any time on social media has seen memes depicting an iceberg.  The top part of the iceberg illustrates what people see, while the portion below the waterline depicts what people don’t see.  That…

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10 WFH Paralegal Technology Tools

Many paralegals have now migrated to the work-from-home status permanently or part-time. Many paralegals have also experienced “burnout” due to the pressures of the times while lacking some tools to sustain productivity and efficiency in our newly set up home offices. Technology becomes an ally…

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Self-Care for Paralegals

Self-care, THE number one most important hyphenated word of 2022! Self-care is the most easily implemented practice available to us for creating a balanced, peaceful, and more productive life. Prefer to listen instead of read? Although we may see examples of self-care routines involving elaborate…

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Legal Writing Skills for the Paralegal

The basic job function of a paralegal or legal assistant requires professional writing. Whether you are writing a brief, email, correspondence, or research notes, learning to hone your paralegal writing skills will help you save time and become an important asset in your firm.  In…