paralegal life
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Paralegal Life: Working For A Difficult Boss

Tips for Improving the Situation When You Work for a Difficult Boss As paralegals, we often get difficult cases and even more difficult opposing counsel. However, when your boss is more difficult than either of those, it is time to reflect on the situation and…

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contract management
Paralegal Tips

Planning Your Contract Management System

When paralegals are looking at alternative paralegal careers outside the popular litigation paralegal field, contract management does not usually come to mind.  However, there seems to be an increase in paralegal job opportunities in the field of contract management. But what exactly is contract management?…

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new paralegal podcast

New Paralegal Podcast Launches!

Did you miss the first episode of the new paralegal podcast that we launched last week? Visit the Episode 1 page to listen to it now. We’ve also included links on that page to listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google. Every Tuesday we’ll be…

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paralegal communication checklist
Paralegal Tips Writing Skills

Paralegal Checklist: Countdown to Hitting Send

Paralegals often initiate or respond to dozens of emails, instant messages, and other electronic communications daily. This pace doesn’t provide much time to devote to any one of these messages. But failing to sufficiently focus on these missives can result in embarrassing errors, bungled communications,…

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