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The Role of a Criminal Law Paralegal

To start off, I should make a confession. I have been in the legal field for over 30 years and a paralegal going on eight years. In those years, I have only worked on civil cases, and that was my niche. Then, an opportunity came…

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What is a Public Defense Paralegal?

Modern law is extraordinarily complex. It’s built upon dysfunctional models like income inequality, sexism, racism, and much more. As society shifts and the need for lawyers to work faster and smarter grows, it becomes increasingly important that lawyers are able to nurture partnerships with freelance paralegals and…

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6 Paralegal Tips to Reduce Stress

Living in a post-pandemic world leaves us all vulnerable to paralegal burnout. In the legal profession specifically, many paralegals work day and night to adapt to the new challenges exposed by the pandemic. Workers across the world put together strategies that allow them to remain…