ediscovery project budget
e-discovery Litigation

How to Prepare an Ediscovery Project Budget

At first, preparing an ediscovery project budget can seem intimidating and overwhelming.  This is especially true if you’re sitting there staring at a blank piece of paper, trying to figure out where to start.  Eventually, as you grow into your role as an ediscovery project…

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alternative paralegal career options
Paralegal Career Path

15 Alternative Paralegal Career Options

The skills that you’ve acquired throughout your paralegal career have opened the door to unlimited employment opportunities if you are looking for a paralegal career path that does not have the title “paralegal” that utilizes your paralegal skills and experience. Here are 15 Alternative Careers…

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Paralegal Tips

Paralegal Webinar Replay

Watch the free paralegal webinar replay from the Paralegal Boot Camp to get the top 7 habits that you can develop to fast-track your paralegal career, enjoy your work more, and feel like you are an indispensable member of the team. There are good paralegals….

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Paralegal Tips

Make Your Office Space a Happy Space

This Friday’s Fast Track tip for your paralegal career is: Make your office space a happy space ! Whether you’re working from home or back in the office – have at least one thing in your office that brings you joy. A plant. A picture…

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e-discovery tool
e-discovery Litigation Resources

Ediscovery Tool for Paralegals

MEET & CONFER CHECKLIST FOR LITIGATION PARALEGALS As a litigation paralegal, part of your case management duties may include getting the attorney ready for the Rule 26 Conference (the “Meet and Confer”).  This ediscovery process checklist will help you get the attorney organized and ready…

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things attorneys look for in a paralegal
New Paralegals

10 Things Attorneys Look For in a Paralegal

Things Attorneys Look For In a Paralegal Attention to DetailProblem-solving Technology SkillsProactive MindsetProfessionalismTime ManagementResearch SkillsStrong Work EthicCommunication SkillsOrganization Skills Do you want to know what things attorneys look for in a paralegal?  Ask them!  The easiest way to find out what attributes and skills your…

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deposition summary

3 Methods to Summarizing Deposition Transcripts

Warning: Digesting a Deposition Transcript Can Be Time-Consuming! Preparing a deposition summary (a/k/a digesting a deposition transcript) can be time-consuming for a litigation paralegal and costly to the client.  For a typical 200-page deposition transcript, it can take a litigation paralegal more than 8 hours…

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paralegal resume review project
Paralegal Resume

Paralegal Resume Review

Free Paralegal Resume Review Program The Paralegal Boot Camp is excited to launch our weekly Paralegal Resume Review program at no charge to unemployed paralegals looking for some feedback on their resume.  How does this program work? You submit your paralegal resume to us in…

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