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Have you struggled to develop a professional development program for your legal support staff?

Your attorneys are too busy to develop and present training programs to your paralegals.

Your senior paralegals are also too busy.  Especially if they have a billable hour requirement.

Even if anyone in the firm had the extra time, would that be the best use of their time?

Have you ever substituted a training program for a “Free” Vendor Lunch and Learn?  If you have, then you know that 30 minutes was a sales pitch and the other 30 minutes had just enough content to make the team think it was too complicated and they should outsource that type of work to the vendor.

The other option used to be to send a paralegal to an outside CLE event.  Even before COVID when that was possible, the problem was that you don’t really know if it advanced their skill set or just left the department short-handed for the day and gave them a workbook that collects dust on a shelf.

The Paralegal Boot Camp delivers training that helps paralegals do their job better and adds immediate value to their careers and to your organization.

We do this on topics that YOU CHOOSE.

In a format that YOU CHOOSE.

And on a schedule that YOU CHOOSE.

Saves Money

Saves Money

We make it easy on your professional development budget with our flat-fee pricing for unlimited attendance at our live webinars, including access to the recording for anyone who can't attend.
100% Customizable

100% Customizable

We partner with paralegal managers and legal administrators to customize the content and delivery methods that fit their teams' specific needs.
Delivery Format Options

Delivery Format Options

All of our paralegal training programs are available in a variety of delivery format options, from live workshops in your office, live webinar series or multi-user seats in our on-demand courses.
"I can attest that Ann's training was transforming for our team. I highly recommend the Paralegal Boot Camp's programs for anyone who wants to take their career to the next level!"
“We hosted several Paralegal Boot Camps and our paralegals in attendance were able to increase their skill set in just one day of training. I am very pleased with the feedback and immediate results!”
“Several of my paralegals attended the Litigation Paralegal Boot Camp, and their feedback was excellent. I'm sending more of my paralegals to her next boot camp.”
“Over the last 23 years I have attended more presentations in various formats than I could ever hope to keep track of, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that your webinar was helpful, very organized, on-point and moved along at exactly the right speed. It was overall one of the most productive presentations I have ever attended.”
“I have attended several webinars offered by the Paralegal Boot Camp. I learn practical strategies and tactics that I can immediately apply to my real world. I highly recommend this resource for experienced paralegals (I'm at 30 years) and for new paralegals.”
Paralegal Training Solutions

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Paralegal Training For Your Team

Click the program title to read more detail about each program. These courses are our 60-minute professional development programs.

For litigation-specific courses for new and experienced paralegals, visit our Paralegal Courses page.  Law firms and corporate legal departments use these courses to bridge the gap between what they teach in paralegal certificate programs and the paralegal skills that most litigation attorneys need from their professional staff.

In this motivational workshop, we put a new spin on Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by showing paralegals how they can develop their own 7 habits that will advance their careers to a new level.

This workshop content is great for kicking off an annual professional development series or a presentation at a paralegal retreat.  Like all of our paralegal training programs, we can customize this presentation to make sure we are include the habits that you would like your team to focus on.

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Paralegals can be profit centers for law firms if they understand the importance of time entry and their role in the firm.  The Billable Hour Boot Camp provides practical application and instruction to paralegals on understanding their role as a timekeeper and revenue-generator in a law firm.

This 5-hour online course includes live coaching calls throughout the year to keep your paralegals on target to:

  • Increase their billable hours
  • Draft better time entries
  • Get more work done in less time

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The top criteria for advancement and promotion for all professionals is an ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. It is a very important paralegal skill to possess. Many paralegals believe people are born to be great communicators. Instead, we show them that it is a skill that can be developed by working on it each day.

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This course gives paralegals the training and basic understanding into the capabilities of how to use Microsoft Excel to streamline a paralegal’s work.

Upon completion of this course, paralegals will be able to:

  1. Design the Excel Spreadsheet
  2. Organize and Review Data
  3. Name, Color and Format Spreadsheets
  4. Implement Quick Tricks and Useful Keystrokes
  5. Work with Excel Templates
  6. Copy, Paste and Embed Data
  7. Create Hyperlinks to Worksheets and Other Files
  8. Create and Use Basic Formulas and Functions to Calculate Data
  9. Use Excel for Lists, Timelines and Other Tables

We also offer a variety of litigation-specific courses for your litigation paralegals. Each of our litigation course modules is approximately 60 minutes, so you can schedule weekly or monthly group webinars when we present to your group. All of our courses for paralegals can also be accessed through our online learning management system as an “on-demand” training.

Our courses for litigation paralegals include:

  • E-discovery training
  • Basic training for new litigation paralegals
  • Trial Prep Boot Camp
  • Personal injury case management
  • Drafting discovery requests and responses
  • And more…

Click Here to visit our Paralegal Courses page to learn more about litigation courses.

If you are looking for a comprehensive litigation training program for your new litigation paralegals, take a look at our Comprehensive Litigation Paralegal Training Package that law firms and corporate legal departments are using as part of their onboarding for new hires.

One of the most important paralegal skills to master is attention to detail.   Yet, most people think that it is something you either have or don’t have.  Just like other professional skills that we develop and improve on, this is a skill that can be improved.

In just 60 minutes, your paralegals will be able to increase their attention to detail skills with this live webinar training.

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Our Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp is available for individual access or group access that you can purchase for your entire team.  This 6-hour course takes the paralegal through the pre-litigation phase of a personal injury matter, from case intake through the demand letter and filing the complaint.

Access to the course also includes every personal injury checklist a paralegal uses during the pre-litigation phase.  They can download the forms and templates to use to manage their own client files.

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Microsoft PowerPoint provides a variety of tools that can help paralegals deliver content in nearly any situation, not just a presentation. By taking advantage of these tools, paralegals will be creating presentations that convey the key points of any message in a variety of legal industry settings.  It is recommended that your professionals have access to a computer and a minimum of Microsoft 2016 available, as this is a hands-on workshop where the attendees will be working alongside the instructor from their own computers.

Program Highlights

  • Examples of how PowerPoint can be used in a paralegal’s work
  • Basic design principles to make your slides look professional
  • Identify the basic features and functions of PowerPoint 2016
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation
  • Add graphical elements to your presentation
  • Modify objects in your presentation
  • Add tables and charts to your presentation
  • Using PowerPoint for timelines and video clips

In this program, we give paralegals an overview of the essential elements of project management principles and the project management life cycle as it applies to projects that paralegals are typically involved in.  Participants gain an understanding of how to apply the “triple constraints” of project management to their work for increased efficiencies and better work product.

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Social media sites and apps have become ethical minefields for legal professionals.  This practical course will allow attendees to uncover potential ethical pitfalls when using social media and accessing other internet sites from their work computers.  We’ll also cover the latest in cybersecurity issues that employees may not know is putting their firm at risk for a security breach.

Program Highlights

  • Social media do’s and don’ts when working at a law firm
  • A review of attorney-client privilege and confidentiality for legal professionals
  • Ethical dilemmas to avoid on social media by knowing exactly who you have “friended”
  • An understanding of how privacy settings don’t always protect you
  • Real-life horror stories of Social-Media-Gone-Bad

We spend a majority of our waking hours with our colleagues.  When you are working with people who have “difficult” personalities, those hours can never go by fast enough.  In this webinar we will cover methods for recognizing the characteristics of the common types of difficult people (hint:  you might even be one yourself and not even know it!).  We’ll give you strategies for dealing with these types of people in the workplace that will make your work hours more enjoyable.

Program Highlights

  • How to recognize the different characteristics of the most common difficult people usually encountered in the workplace
  • Understanding the different methods to use when working with different types of difficult people
  • Some coping mechanisms for effectively dealing with difficult people
  • What to do if you are the difficult person
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