Paralegal Podcast Episode 46

Paralegal Career Mobility: Why You Want it and How To Get it

What is paralegal career mobility? It is setting yourself up with the knowledge, skills, and experience that will give you the flexibility to do work that might not even have the word “paralegal” in the title. It could also mean upward mobility in your current paralegal role.

In this episode, Ann interviews Kim Bookout, a former litigation paralegal who embraced and adopted eDiscovery early. That allowed her to move into a litigation support position and later into a role outside the traditional law firm environment.

Kim shares her tips and specific things you can do today for paralegal career mobility. Listen all the way to the end because, in addition to career mobility, Ann asks Kim for some advice on dealing with some difficult personalities at work.

paralegal career mobility

Meet our Podcast Guest

Kim Bookout is a Solution Consultant at Opus 2, where she helps legal teams all over the country effectively use software to analyze key documents, build case chronologies, create deposition designations, and prepare for trial.

Prior to joining Opus 2, Kim had over 20 years of legal experience, beginning as a commercial litigation paralegal and later moving into a litigation support position.

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Actionable Strategies

Kim Bookout gave us some actionable strategies to help create mobility in your paralegal career.

  1. Be professional and kind to EVERYONE.
  2. Hone your skills.
  3. Meet people.
  4. Be ready for when the opportunity presents itself.

Listen to the episode to hear Kim talk about the importance of each of those actionable strategies.

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Our Next Paralegal Podcast Episode

In next week’s episode, Ann is back to a solo episode where she’ll be giving you tips on how to get your attorney to invest in your career development.


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