Episode 72: Paralegal Tips for Coping With a Boss Who Yells At You

In this solo episode of the Paralegals on Fire! Podcast Show, Ann Pearson shares advice on what you can do if your attorney yells at you because no one should have to tolerate such behavior no matter the circumstance.

Show Highlights

  • The difference between a difficult attorney and a jerk
  • Why you shouldn’t tolerate a screaming boss
  • Steps to take when you’re dealing with one

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Your Actionable Strategy

In all of our podcast episodes, we try to give paralegals an actionable strategy that they can take away from the show because we know your time is valuable.

In this podcast episode, Ann Pearson encourages you to take the following steps if you’re boss insists on yelling at you.

  1. Update your resume. Don’t wait until you’re unemployed.
  2. Talk to them when things are settled down.
  3. Don’t sit there and take it. Turn your back and walk away.
  4. Set clear boundaries and stick to them.
  5. Own your mistakes, but don’t allow jerk behavior.

Listen to the episode for strategies on how to have a conversation with your boss about their behavior and the best way to set the appropriate boundaries with a screaming boss.

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