Episode 41: How to Stand Out as a Personal Injury Paralegal

Being a personal injury paralegal can be stressful and rewarding at the same time.

In this solo episode, Ann gives you some tips on how to stand out as a rockstar personal injury paralegal. Like all episodes, you’ll walk away with some actionable strategies and some motivation!

Show Highlights

  • The three “hats” a personal injury paralegal wears
  • Nine things you can do to stand out in your paralegal role
  • The importance of finding the bottleneck that’s holding up the PI claim files
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personal injury training for paralegals

Personal Injury Paralegal

Are you a personal injury paralegal struggling to keep up with all of those active case files? Our Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp gives you all of the tools to manage your personal injury cases from case intake through the demand letter and everything in between.

Your Actionable Strategy

Level up these skills to ensure your success as a personal injury paralegal:

  1. Learn the basics of anatomy and medicine
  2. Know the statute of limitations period
  3. Learn medication abbreviations
  4. Understand medical terminology
  5. Know how to obtain medical records quickly and efficiently
  6. Develop templates and keep improving them
  7. Keep a database of outside experts
  8. Know the litigation process
  9. Listen to the full episode to get #9!

Ann gives you a free New Case Checklist for Personal Injury Paralegals and suggests joining the Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp to accelerate your paralegal career.

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