Episode 30: 10 Things That We’re Glad Have Finally Changed in the Paralegal Profession

In this solo episode of the Paralegals on Fire! Podcast Show, Ann shares the 10 things she’s glad have finally changed in the paralegal profession. From pantyhose to fax machines, the last 30 years have brought many beneficial changes to the paralegal profession. Join Ann in celebrating these changes and looking toward future changes.

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  • Bert Binder June 9, 2022 at 11:50 pm Reply

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Ann! We have come a long way, baby 🙂 Seriously, the profession continues to evolve and challenge us in new ways and require us to develop new skills, and you provide great courses for those looking to improve their skills in diverse areas. I loved every challenge that I encountered as a paralegal and am inspired by the various states that are taking non-lawyer legal opportunities to the next level.

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