New Paralegal Podcast Launches!

Did you miss the first episode of the new paralegal podcast that we launched last week? Visit the Episode 1 page to listen to it now. We’ve also included links on that page to listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google.

Every Tuesday we’ll be putting out a new episode of Paralegals on Fire! Podcast show, hosted by Ann Pearson, so be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app to get notified when new episodes come out.

Here are a few of the topics we have lined up for the upcoming episodes:

  • It is time to increase paralegal salaries
  • How to add mind-reading to your paralegal skill set (and dealing with that attorney who procrastinates)
  • Live Q & A all about billable hours
  • A guest interview on “The Great Resignation” that is affecting the legal industry and others
  • What to do when senior paralegals are not willing to share their knowledge with new hires
  • A guest interview on how this paralegal got hired with NO experience moving into a new practice area
  • Some side gigs you might not know exisited for paralegals (and why you should have one!)

Want to know what the new paralegal podcast’s mission is? Listen to the trailer below.

The Paralegals on Fire! Podcast show is hosted by Ann Pearson, a former paralegal and paralegal manager, turned entrepreneur. Join us each week to get actionable strategies to fast-track your paralegal career. We’re going to do that with informative interviews, “behind the curtain” tips from management, and solo episodes where we take deep dives into areas that matter most to paralegals. Our mission is to give you tangible things that you can walk away with each week that add value to your paralegal career.

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