Episode 115: You Have a Right to Pursue Happiness – A Discussion with Tony Sipp

In this episode, Ann interviews Tony Sipp, the Practice Assistant Director at Kirkland. Tony has years of experience in paralegal management and gives us some great insight from a manager’s perspective.


Topics I discussed with Tony Sipp include:


  • How to know when it’s time to cut the cord and make a career move.
  • What if that career move was a mistake, and you know it in the first 90 days?
  • What is a manager’s take on resume gaps and short-term stints when you got out early after knowing it was a mistake?
  • Is it still an employee’s market?
  • What you should do if you are in a paralegal job that you don’t love.

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Meet the Podcast Guest

Tony Sipp is the Practice Assistant Manager at Kirkland & Ellis. He is the former President for Los Angeles Paralegal Association, having led them through the challenges of 2020.  He is also a Council Member for the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council. 

Tony was appointed to the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Diversity in the Profession in 2020.  He graduated from Fordham University in New York, New York and served as the Deputy Finance Director for Former Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. 

In his spare time, Tony enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Krista, and his hobbies include cycling, capoeira and travel.

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