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6 Paralegal Tips to Reduce Stress

Living in a post-pandemic world leaves us all vulnerable to paralegal burnout. In the legal profession specifically, many paralegals work day and night to adapt to the new challenges exposed by the pandemic. Workers across the world put together strategies that allow them to remain…

Paralegal Tips

3 Ways to Work Better with Attorneys

Working with attorneys can be challenging. Really working with anyone can be, but we’re here to give you 3 tips that will help you start working better together today. Prefer to Listen Instead of Read? From having the sometimes uncomfortable but necessary conversations to overcoming…

solo vs large firm
Paralegal Tips

The Pros and Cons of Going Solo vs. Large Firm

Are you a paralegal trying to decide on working at a solo vs large firm? Applying for your first or early-career legal positions may be a little daunting. A little research, introspection, and narrowing the field will assist in targeting your search. Decide Where You…

paralegal education
Paralegal Tips

6 Ways to Expand Your Paralegal Education

Don’t Settle for the Tip of the Iceberg Anyone who has spent any time on social media has seen memes depicting an iceberg.  The top part of the iceberg illustrates what people see, while the portion below the waterline depicts what people don’t see.  That…