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Last-Minute Trial Prep Emergency

PREPARING FOR TRIAL WHEN A NEW CASE FILE JUST GOT DUMPED ON YOUR DESK As a litigation paralegal, it’s inevitable that one day you will find yourself in a last-minute trial prep emergency when that new case file gets dumped on your desk and trial…

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Paralegal Tips

Organization Tips for New Paralegals

One of your biggest responsibilities as a paralegal is going to be making sure that what you do and what your firm does is properly recorded. Keeping track of those records, of discovery, and of just about every other communication that comes into and leaves…

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Ethics Social Media

Paralegal Social Media Ethics

A Focus on Facebook Groups As a business owner, I have to spend time on social media.  My marketing person keeps telling me that I should do more on social media.  So, after months of him bugging me about it, I finally joined a few…

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