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Paralegal Social Media Ethics

A Focus on Facebook Groups As a business owner, I have to spend time on social media.  My marketing person keeps telling me that I should do more on social media.  So, after months of him bugging me about it, I finally joined a few…

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Paralegal Boot Camp’s 21-Day Fitness Challenge

Let’s have some fun this month! I’m starting a 21-Day “Most Distance” challenge this month, starting on May 11, 2018.  It’s going to be our first ever Paralegal Boot Camp Fitness Challenge. Run.  Bike.  Walk.  Hike.  Stroll.  Beach Walk.  Anything that gets you outside this…

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7 C’s of Paralegal Communication Skills

Advancing Paralegal Communication Skills Having excellent communication skills is critical in the paralegal profession.  A paralegal’s day is filled with drafting motions, writing summaries of depositions, discussing the project status with an attorney, corresponding by email, telephone calls to clients and vendors, taking notes or…

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Paralegal Tips

Being a Proactive Paralegal

What exactly does it mean to be a proactive paralegal? Many years ago, I had an attorney write a comment on my performance review that has stuck with me for over 15 years: Ann knows what I need before I even know that I need…

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