Personal Injury Case Checklist

 Keep yourself organized with this Personal Injury Case Checklist

We use this checklist in our Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp as a starting point for getting your personal injury cases organized.  Many of the forms and templates that are part of this checklist are also downloadable forms and templates in the course.  Use this as a “master table of contents” so that all of your important documents and forms are in one place (preferably on the computer!).

Before you start writing all of this down on paper – see below for the Microsoft Word version to download.

1Intake Form completed  

2Personal Injury Questionnaire completed  

3Contingency Fee Agreement signed

4HIPAA Authorization AND Wage/Salary forms signed (extra originals)

5Order Accident report

6Calendar the Statute of Limitations (with advance reminders)

7Medical Records ordered (separate list of providers)  

8Open up a paper file  

9Open up computer file in the case management system  


Obtain Witness Information

ᴑ     See separate Witness Checklist  



ᴑ     Client’s vehicle

ᴑ     Other vehicle(s) involved

ᴑ     Client injuries

ᴑ     Other property damage, if applicable


Property damage estimates

ᴑ    Client’s vehicle

ᴑ    Other vehicle(s)


Spoliation letters

ᴑ     To adjuster and defendant re: photographs and damage estimates

ᴑ     To adjuster, defendant and towing co re: vehicle


Insurance information requests

ᴑ    Liability insurance of defendant(s)

ᴑ    UM (Client’s and all passengers in client’s vehicle)

ᴑ    UM (All vehicles owned by client)

ᴑ    Health insurance


Liens and Subrogation, if applicable

ᴑ     Medicare

ᴑ     Medicaid

ᴑ     Tricare

ᴑ     Federal Employee Benefits Act

16Open Records Requests  

17Certified copy of guilty plea or bond forfeiture

18Medical Status Updates calendared – see template for MSUs  


Review and sign off on Medical Records Notebook

ᴑ     See separate List for requirements

20Medical Narrative prepared, if applicable


Physician/Attorney meeting or telephone conference when at MMI

ᴑ     Medical records scanned and burned to CD for physician; or

ᴑ     Copy of medical records to physician

ᴑ     Doctor’s Meeting Checklist complete  


Demand drafted for attorney review

ᴑ     See separate “Demand Checklist”  

Get the Microsoft Word version of this Personal Injury Case Checklist so that you can easily edit and customize it to your needs.

Here’s a list of Personal Injury Paralegal Skills if you’re thinking about transitioning to personal injury law.

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