Episode 68: February Paralegal Inspiration An Interview with Lisa Gutierrez

If you’ve been a podcast listener for a while, you heard the earlier episode that I asked for paralegals who wanted to be interviewed about what they love about being a paralegal and help spread some inspiration to other paralegals. The response was overwhelming!

We’ll give you one of these interviews every month this year to encourage you, inspire you, motivate you, and remind you why you went into the paralegal profession.

In this second interview in our paralegal inspiration episode series of #RockstarParalegals, I talked with Lisa Gutierrez. Lisa is a litigation paralegal working in medical malpractice.

Lisa is the PERFECT example of why you should not give up on your paralegal career! She did (temporarily) and is now in a paralegal job that she absolutely loves.

lisa gutierrez

Meet the Podcast Guest

Lisa Gutierrez

Lisa began her legal career in 2010 after taking a leap of faith to change careers at the age of 31. She received her Associate in Applied Science (Paralegal Specialties) from Del Mar College in 2012 in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, and completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at The University of Texas at San Antonio in December 2022. She will begin pursuing her Master of Legal Studies in Spring 2023 at Texas A&M and plans to become an adjunct professor in a paralegal program. Prior to working in medical malpractice, Lisa worked in personal injury, estate planning, and probate law.

Lisa is currently a member of NALA | The Paralegal Association, the State Bar of Texas – Paralegal Division and serves as the Publications Sub-chair for her division, and the San Antonio Paralegal Association. She is also an associate member of the San Antonio Young Lawyers Association and served as Registration Chair on the planning committee for the 2022 Paralegal Day Celebration. 

Apart from her legal career, Lisa is an advocate for adolescent mental health. In 2019, she created a podcast and social media platform called Parenting Sucks: A Community for Struggling Parents where she candidly spoke of her struggles as a single mother raising a child with mental health issues while maintaining her own mental well-being. She is a mother of two sons and two daughters and a grandmother to a precious 2-year-old girl named P.J.  

Actionable Strategy

Listen to the whole episode! Here are some highlights of my discussion with Lisa Gutierrez and some actionable strategies you’ll want to hear about in this episode:

  • How to get a paralegal job after being out of the paralegal field for five years.
  • Be open and honest about your lack of paralegal experience.
  • Be flexible and be willing to change with the times.
  • Be willing and open to learning from other people, regardless of how many years of experience you have.

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  • Soraya Erickson February 15, 2023 at 5:37 pm Reply

    Amazing podcast! I’m currently finishing my Paralegal Degree and have moved to California. It’s been so challenging to start over out here with no contacts. After hearing Lisa’s interview, I wept with tears of encouragement. This career path is my passion, and it means so much for me to be an example for my children. Thank you. Sending love and respect! Thanks

    • Ann Pearson February 15, 2023 at 11:40 pm Reply

      I love hearing this! That’s exactly what I was hoping these monthly inspiration episodes would do. Stay strong! You’ve got this!

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