Episode 51: We Should all be so Lucky to Work at This Law Firm

In this solo episode, Ann brings to light an issue that we’ve all experienced, whether it’s working in a law firm, a corporate legal department, or another organization in the legal industry: the negative nelly who complains about everything.

What can you do if you work with someone who even complains about things like your employer wanting to pay for your professional development?

Show Highlights

  • An actionable strategy if you are the negative nelly and complain too much
  • An easy way to get the negative nelly to stop complaining
  • How to avoid becoming a negative nelly yourself

Your Actionable Strategies

  1. Kill them with kindness if you can
  2. Steer clear of the negative nelly and the gossip group
  3. If you’re the negative nelly: stop ruining it for everyone else!

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