Episode 84: Can You Fix Your Boss? An Interview with Molly McGrath

In this guest episode of the Paralegals on Fire! Podcast Show, Ann Pearson welcomes back Molly McGrath, Founder of Hiring & Empowering Solutions as she discusses her new book Fix My Boss: The Simple Plan to Cultivate Respect, Risk Courageous Conversations, and Increase the Bottom Line that offers an amazing perspective on the communication gap between employers and employees, influenced by her experience on all sides of the table. 

In the show, Ann and Molly discuss some key insights that Molly shares with paralegals, including:

  • The main causes of communication breakdowns among attorneys and paralegals
  • How to set appropriate expectations and be respectful of everyone’s time
  • Ways to avoid resentment and overwhelm that turns into silent suffering and burnout
  • Celebrating the strengths on your team and using what everyone contributes for increased productivity and success at your firm

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Your Actionable Strategies

  1. If you are interested in reading Molly’s new book, you can get your copy here. And as Ann suggests: Get a copy for your boss to read! It can be the start of building a great working relationship with your attorney.
  2. Before accepting tasks or requests, seek clarification on expectations, deadlines, and additional information if necessary. Be the project manager!
  3. Regularly communicate your workload, priorities, and limitations to avoid becoming overwhelmed or resentful.
  4. Initiate courageous conversations.

Molly McGrath posing in a red jacket for an interview where she answers if a paralegal can fix their boss.

Meet our Podcast Guest

Since the late nineties, Molly has coached, consulted and directed presidents and founders of national organizations and over 4,000 law firms in executive-level leadership, continuous improvement and team empowerment initiatives to infiltrate new markets, leveraging partner ecosystems and producing profitability.

Molly has 25 years of specific skillset experience serving as Fractional CEO, CMO marketing, conversation intelligence coaching, teamp development & leadership, employee empowerment, intrapreneur talent acquisition, Kaizen leadership, root cause analysis, revenue mapping, and action-based project management.

Connect with Molly: https://www.linkedin.com/in/molly-hallmcgrath/

Website: https://hiringandempowering.com


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