Paralegal Skills Required to Succeed in Your New Paralegal Career

Paralegal Skills Required for a Successful Career

What paralegal skills are required for a successful paralegal career? An easy way to figure that out is to look at a variety of paralegal job descriptions and then tailor them for the particular practice area that you want to work in.

If you are just starting a new paralegal career, you might think that you have no paralegal skills.  But take a look at the list below and you’ll realize that many of these are transferable skills that you have acquired in other areas of your professional or personal life, maybe even your school life.

  • Research and investigate
  • Analyze problems and hypothesize potential solutions
  • Lead team projects
  • Stay apprised of current developments in practice area
  • Handle difficult personalities
  • Mentor and coach others
  • Edit and proofread documents
  • Summarize data
  • Communicate effectively and professionally
  • Handle multiple priorities
  • Use various technology applications
  • Develop effective solutions to complex problems
  • Exercise sound judgment
  • Respond appropriately to constructive criticism
  • Take ownership of projects
  • Communicate well in order to understand deadlines and expectations
  • Work with others to accomplish goals
  • Seek out professional development opportunities

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