The Litigation Paralegal Career Accelerator

You Will Get Methods to Reduce the Learning Curve and Fast-Track Your Career

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During this live webinar, you will learn:

Why it does NOT take a decade to be a rockstar litigation paralegal.

Why you should NOT wait for other paralegals to train you.

Why you should NOT be calling yourself a "newbie" paralegal.

The important mindset shift you need to make now.

The key areas to focus on now if you want to shorten the learning curve.

How to use our Litigation Paralegal Career Accelerator Framework to fast-track your career.

About the Masterclass

You landed your first paralegal job working in litigation. Congratulations!  And then it hits you...

Your paralegal education program didn't actually teach you what it is you would be doing every day as a litigation paralegal.  

In this 1-hour masterclass, we'll show you 3 key areas to focus on early in your litigation paralegal career that will give you clarity on what to do if you want to shorten the learning curve and quickly accelerate your career.  

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“What if I can't attend the live webinar?”

Enroll and watch the replay video at your convenience - you'll receive the entire presentation via email, but access to the replay expires within 24 hours and you won't receive the bonus for live attendees. But you'll still get some great information in the replay!

Meet the Masterclass Coach

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Ann Pearson - Paralegal Boot Camp

Ann Pearson is the Founder of the Paralegal Boot Camp. Ann is on a mission to dispel the myth that it takes a decade (or more) for new paralegals to be rockstar paralegals. She started the company after many years as a paralegal manager where she developed an in-house training program that took new litigation paralegals through an intensive training program to allow them to excel in their positions. Since 2010, she has been doing that for paralegals across the country in her Paralegal Boot Camp programs.

"I highly recommend the Paralegal Boot Camp. It is here that I gained the knowledge about my role in preparing for trial and managing information in cases. The resource materials are simply invaluable."

- Andrea Dennis, paralegal

"I can't say enough good things about the Paralegal Boot Camp! After transitioning to a paralegal position after 20+ years of legal "assisting," the knowledge gained from the classes have been invaluable to my career."

- Linda Jordan, paralegal

"As an individual transitioning to the legal profession, I found this course to be both helpful and valuable. I have learned information that will assist in the everyday process of a case."

- Shanika Cole, paralegal

Past Masterclass Dates


June 8, 2022



June 11, 2022



June 15, 2022