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What is a Public Defense Paralegal?

Modern law is extraordinarily complex. It’s built upon dysfunctional models like income inequality, sexism, racism, and much more. As society shifts and the need for lawyers to work faster and smarter grows, it becomes increasingly important that lawyers are able to nurture partnerships with freelance paralegals and…

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Assisting with the Pretrial Conference

The best thing I ever did early in my litigation paralegal career, was to ask to attend a pretrial conference with the attorney.  For the first few years, I had several cases go to trial that I attended, but I’d never personally attended the pretrial…

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Trial Binder to the Rescue

We’ve all been there – something unexpected happens and you are asked to jump in at the last minute to help another team get ready for trial on a case you’ve never worked on before, or you take over a case from a former paralegal…

Litigation Trial

5 Ways Paralegals Can Perfect Trial Visual Aids

Creating trial visual aids might be a large part of your role as a litigation paralegal. Using a visual to demonstrate evidence is a great way to make sure that a jury or judge understands complicated information that might be difficult to explain with words…