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personal injury demand package
Personal Injury

Tips for Preparing the Personal Injury Demand Package

One of the essential job responsibilities for a personal injury paralegal is to put together high-quality demand packages to help promote the pre-litigation settlement of personal injury claims. Unfortunately, we all know that more times than not, many cases end up going into litigation. Sometimes, the…

personal injury paralegal role
Personal Injury

The Personal Injury Paralegal Role Can Vary Greatly

The Personal Injury Paralegal Role Can Vary Greatly The role of a personal injury paralegal is quite unique within the spectrum of paralegal roles. The paralegal job responsibilities for those working within the personal injury field can be both challenging and rewarding. Those seeking this…

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Personal Injury Case Checklist

 Keep yourself organized with this Personal Injury Case Checklist We use this checklist in our Personal Injury Paralegal Boot Camp as a starting point for getting your personal injury cases organized.  Many of the forms and templates that are part of this checklist are also…