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3 Ways to Work Better with Attorneys

Working with attorneys can be challenging. Really working with anyone can be, but we’re here to give you 3 tips that will help you start working better together today. Prefer to Listen Instead of Read? From having the sometimes uncomfortable but necessary conversations to overcoming…

things attorneys look for in a paralegal
New Paralegals

10 Things Attorneys Look For in a Paralegal

Top 10 Things Attorneys Look For In a Paralegal Attention to DetailProblem-solving Technology SkillsProactive MindsetProfessionalism & AccountabilityTime ManagementResearch SkillsA Positive AttitudeCommunication SkillsOrganization Skills Do you want to know what things attorneys look for in a paralegal?  Ask them!  The easiest way to find out what…

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eDiscovery Q & A

In our latest podcast episode, Ann asked guest experts Andrea Pileggi and Kevin Gerami to answer your eDiscovery questions. Andrea and Kevin are with Ricoh, a global leader in technology and service delivery, that offers the best in class technology and service-based eDiscovery solutions for…

Paralegal Job Search Tips

Paralegal Job Search Q & A

The obligatory job search we all must go through at some point in our lives can be stressful. From making sure your resume is up to par to knowing what to say in an interview, you might feel overwhelmed with questions on how you can…

Litigation Paralegal Tips

How To Be A Problem Solving Paralegal

Ready to become a better problem solver? I wish paralegal training programs included a course on problem-solving! It’s such an important skill for paralegals to have. This week we’re giving you the tools and techniques for better problem-solving in the legal industry so that you’re…

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Paralegal Tips

8 Mindsets That Could Be Hurting Your Career

A Podcast Interview With Dan Moulder, Paralegal Manager and Author Did you know that changing your mindset could make you happier at work? Are you ready to start achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of? Now is the time to self-reflect and start recognizing the…

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Paralegal Tips

Litigation Paralegal Q & A

Being a litigation paralegal comes with its challenges. From learning how to read your attorney’s mind to staying up to date with the latest paralegal technology, you might feel overwhelmed with questions on how you can become a rockstar at your firm. In our latest…