Trial paralegal boot camp

Trial Prep Boot Camp

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A Self-Paced Online Course For Paralegals

Everything a litigation paralegal needs to be fully prepared for trial.

Makes trial prep almost easy!
Makes trial prep almost easy!By Heather Williams
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Informative and helpful. These tips and lessons are very straightforward. It makes trial prep almost easy!
Invaluable to my career
Invaluable to my careerBy Linda Jordan
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I can't say enough good things about the Paralegal Boot Camp! After transitioning to a paralegal position after 20+ years of legal "assisting," the knowledge gained from the classes have been invaluable to my career.
The resource materials are simply invaluable!
The resource materials are simply invaluable!By Andrea Dennis
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I highly recommend the Paralegal Boot Camp. It is here that I gained knowledge about my role in preparing for trials and managing information in cases. The resource materials are simply invaluable.
Full of information!
Full of information!By Misty Sheffield
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This course is one of the most practical and valuable courses available to further your paralegal education. It is full of information and resources.

Getting ready for trial is a stressful time

for most litigation paralegals.

. . . . .

Most paralegals dread receiving that notice of trial because they associate trial prep with long work days and lots of stress.

There are deadlines set in the pretrial order that can’t be missed. There are witnesses and exhibits that can’t be missed.

But what if your next trial could be different?

Imagine if your next trial was rewarding and enjoyable! It can be.

With the Trial Prep Boot Camp, you will have every

Trial Checklist

to guide you through every step of getting ready for trial.

But what if it's a case that's just been handed to you and you've never worked on this case before?

We’ve got that covered in the course too, because that happens more often than not.

Even if you work for the master of procrastination

and the trial has thousands of exhibits,

this paralegal training will help you become the rockstar trial paralegal who isn’t working 14-hour days to get ready for your next trial.

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Trial Prep for Paralegals

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What's Inside the Course?​

Five course modules that guide you every step of the way through your pretrial preparations all the way through your role in the courtroom as a trial paralegal.

Module 1

Pretrial Preparations

• Using Proactive case management even before the trial gets noticed

• Our Trial Prep Checklist as your weekly time management guide for getting ready for trial

• How to stay on track even with an attorney who procrastinates

• Preparing the Trial Notebook as your road map to trial

Module 2

Mastering Trial Technology

• Deciding whether to outsource the technology

• Steps to hiring and managing trial technology vendors

• Checklist of equipment if you are the “hot-seat” person in the courtroom

• Comparing technology alternatives for trial presentations

• Steps to ensure a smooth technology presentation at trial

Module 3

Managing the Evidence During Pretrial

• Drafting an exhibit list that will be your most valuable tool in the courtroom to track the evidence

• Organizing and managing the trial exhibits during the pretrial phase

• Demonstrative evidence considerations

• Preparing deposition designations, with or without technology

• Preparing for the pretrial conference

Module 4

The Weeks Before Trial

• Conducting site visits to plan your workspace in the courtroom and trial war room

• Finding the ideal trial war room – even if it’s in your office

• Preparing for the prep meetings with the trial witnesses

• Mastering the out-of-town trials

Module 5

The Paralegal’s Role at Trial

• Logistics to plan for the unexpected at trial

• Setting up your workspace in the courtroom

• Your role in voir dire and how you can be the most helpful to the lead attorney

• Tracking the evidence throughout the trial

• Preparing for jury deliberations

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Trial Prep for Paralegals

For Only $297

Resources & Templates



• Comprehensive Trial Prep Checklist
• Working Exhibit List
• Trial Notebook
• Supply List for Remote Trial War Room
• Index for Witness Prep Notebook
• Courtroom Supply List
• Technology Checklist
• Voir Dire Seating Chart


In addition to the course lessons, your course includes templates and forms that you will be able to download and use right away on your own cases.

trial technology
Informative and easy to understand.
Informative and easy to understand.By Terri Bradley
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Make trial prep seem almost easy.
Make trial prep seem almost easy. By Heather Williams
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Informative and helpful. These tips and lessons are very straightforward and make trial prep seem almost easy.
Helped me stay organized.
Helped me stay organized. By Suzanne Smith
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So helpful. Helped me get and stay organized.
Great course!
Great course!By Angela Skeete
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Every litigation paralegal should attend this Boot Camp. It has really increased my skill set. The forms and checklists were invaluable!

Meet the Instructor

Ann Pearson

Ann Pearson is the Founder of PRM Education Group and Director of Training for its nationally-recognized Paralegal Boot Camp®.

Ann develops training programs exclusively for paralegals and legal assistants.

Ms. Pearson has over 25 years of experience in the legal industry, first as a litigation paralegal at a boutique law firm in Sarasota, Florida and then as a litigation paralegal at Holland & Knight LLP.

She later became the paralegal manager at McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP (now Dentons), where she managed the paralegals and case assistants in their Atlanta, New York and San Diego offices. 

Additional Course Information

Course Access Period

You get access to the course for one year. But life happens! If something comes up and you are not able to complete the course during your course access period, just shoot us an email and let us know that you need more time.

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for litigation paralegals at any level of experience. Even if you don't expect to go to trial anytime soon, this course will also help you better organize and prepare your cases from the start.

CLE Credit

This course is approved for 5.0 CLE credits.

Excellent and Very Informative
Excellent and Very Informativeby Susan Landaiche
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It is excellent and very informative and would love to take some additional courses with Paralegal BootCamp.
I have learned ways to make tasks easier for the next trial.
I have learned ways to make tasks easier for the next trial.by Teresa Antonson
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Very informative and after having just completed my first trial, all of this makes sense and I have learned ways to make tasks easier and more streamlined for the next trial.
Invaluable to new and experienced paralegals alike.
Invaluable to new and experienced paralegals alike.By Erica Nantais
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The knowledge in this training program is invaluable to new and experienced paralegals alike. You will be impressed with the level of resources provided.

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