Paralegal Podcast Episode 57

Don’t Give Away Your Valuable Time For Free

In this solo episode of the Paralegals on Fire! Podcast Show, Ann Pearson points out three areas paralegals find themselves working for free when they shouldn’t be. Ann gives you tips on how to avoid giving away your valuable time for free and why it’s important.

In the episode, Ann also refers to a free workshop detailing the 3 Things Every Litigation Paralegal Should do to Accelerate Their Career with eDiscovery that you can sign up for here.

Show Highlights

  • You’ll know common situations where your valuable time can be taken advantage of.
  • You won’t find yourself saying yes to giving away your knowledge, skills, and time for free!
  • ​Learn how working for free can create tricky situations for those around you.

Why EVERY Litigation Paralegal Should be a MASTER in eDiscovery

Gaining eDiscovery skills is essential to a successful litigation paralegal career. This FREE Workshop will give you a 3-step plan for accelerating your career and show you how learning eDiscovery skills will open more doors for higher income potential and more job opportunities.

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Your Actionable Strategy

  1. Don’t give away your time for free to for-profit companies. Get paid to share your knowledge, like writing for Paralegal Boot Camp.
  2. Join our free eDiscovery workshop!
  3. Stop working off the clock.

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