Paralegal Podcast Episode 11

Casey Flaherty is our guest on this episode of Paralegals on Fire! Podcast show. Casey is a lawyer who is more of a “lawyer innovator.” For years, he’s been trying to bring innovation into an industry that’s not really known for being ahead of its time.

Casey started his career as a litigator at a big law firm, and then went in-house to Kia motors. And it was that work that led him to develop the legal technology assessment tool. The LTA helps legal professionals identify and address gaps in their basic office technologies, gaps that most people don’t even know they have until they take the assessment.

Recently, he left baker McKenzie’s project management team (Casey is also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) to be a co-founder of Lex Fusion, where they are accelerating the legal industry’s adoption of technology and innovation.

Show Highlights

  • How to leverage your expertise through process and technology
  • Most legal professionals don’t utilize the full capabilities of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe
  • Why paralegal schools and law schools should consider adding more technology courses
  • What happens when you work for the old-school attorney who wants everything in paper


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Your Actionable Strategy

Get access to the Legal Technology Assessment Tool that Casey and Ann talked about so that you can be at the top of your technology skills.

Up Next Week!

In next week’s episode of Paralegals on Fire! Podcast Show, it’s all about the annual performance review and how paralegals can use this time to really excel in their careers.

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