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Free Paralegal Resume Review Program

The Paralegal Boot Camp is excited to launch our weekly Paralegal Resume Review program at no charge to unemployed paralegals looking for some feedback on their resume. 

How does this program work?

You submit your paralegal resume to us in a Word file with identifying information removed, such as:  your name, contact information, and employer names.

We choose one or two resumes each week to do a video review of the resume, giving feedback and suggested edits to your resume. 

That video will be emailed to you and posted on our blog for other paralegals to watch and obtain resume tips and advice that could help them draft their resume. 

You will also receive a copy of the revised resume in a Word file if you choose to keep the edits as part of your new resume.

What is the cost of this paralegal resume review program?

Nothing.  We are doing this to help paralegals who have been affected by this pandemic and need to find a job.  We only ask that you don’t submit your resume for a review and feedback if you are currently employed.  We are limited to reviewing one to two resumes per week, and we want to allow all of that time to help those who are unemployed.

Can I submit my resume if I am not a paralegal?

No.  This program is only available to paralegals, legal assistants, and other non-attorney legal support professionals. 

Do I have to purchase a course from you in order to qualify for this program?

No. There is no obligation to purchase anything.

Can you just do the resume review part for me and not the video of your suggested edits?

We feel as if others could benefit from seeing various paralegal resume reviews to incorporate some of those into their own resume.  And since our time is limited, their resume may not be chosen as part of the weekly selection process.  Sharing the paralegal resume reviews as videos on our blog allows other paralegals to benefit from the program, even if their resume is not chosen to be reviewed.

When and how can I submit my resume?

Submit your resume by email to with the subject line: Request for Resume Review.

Attach the Word file of your resume to the email (after you have removed the identifying information listed above).  By doing so, you agree that we can do a live review/edit of your resume if your resume is chosen that week.

If your resume is not selected that week, you do not have to resubmit it every week.  Your resume will stay in the pending review status and could be selected in coming weeks.

If I don’t have a resume, can I send you my employment information and just have you draft a resume for me?

No.  Unfortunately, we do not have the available staff to draft resumes from scratch.  We would suggest that you watch a few of the Paralegal Boot Camp’s videos and read some posts on tips for drafting paralegal resumes. 

Some of those include:

Paralegal Resume Drafting Tips

4 Sections to Delete from your Paralegal Resume

Alternative Paralegal Career Options

LinkedIn Profile Basics for Paralegals


We’ve completed this week’s resume review. We chose a personal injury paralegal resume to review for our first project.

You can see the original version and the revised version right here, along with some general resume advice.

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Ann started her paralegal career as a litigation paralegal and then was a manager of paralegals for many years prior to starting the Paralegal Boot Camp in 2010.  When she’s not working, you can usually find her somewhere near an ocean – either scuba diving, boating, cleaning up a beach, or volunteering to help save sea turtles.

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