Paralegal Interview Checklist


Use this paralegal interview checklist for tips and reminders on preparing for your next interview.

  • Ask: Who will I be meeting with?
  • Online research into the company (and the person if you have their name)
    • LinkedInparalegal interview checklist
    • Organization’s website
    • Organization’s social media sites (read some blog posts!)
    • What is the organization’s culture?
    • How many lawyers in each practice group?
    • Don’t just look on their website, do Google and other searches to learn more about the company culture
  • Be clear on directions and parking options
  • Practice run – drive to the interview location to get familiar with where to park and enter the building unless you’ve been there before
  • Add 30 minutes to the driving time quoted on Google Maps, more if your interview is during peak commute times in your city
  • Have 3-4 copies of your resume (at least 2 more than the number you were told you would be meeting with)
  • Pen and notepad
  • Have 1-2 stories of examples to show HOW you did something
  • Review the “Paralegal Interview Questions to be Prepared to Answer
  • Review the “Paralegal Interview Questions to Ask During an Interview
  • Suit: Black, Blue, Grey or another neutral color
  • Emergency kit:
    • Tissues
    • Safety pin
    • Spot-remover wipes
    • Umbrella
    • Breath mints
    • Cash for parking

April 2020 Update:  We hosted a free Resume Writing Workshop for paralegals who have been affected by the recent law firm layoffs.  You can join our free Paralegal Job Search Series here.  In this series, we’re starting with the paralegal resume and then holding sessions on drafting cover letters, getting a LinkedIn profile, and preparing for interviews.


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Paralegal BlogAnn Pearson is the Founder of the Paralegal Boot Camp, specializing in training for paralegals that focuses on the important paralegal skills not taught in certificate programs. 

Ann started her paralegal career as a litigation paralegal and then was a manager of paralegals for many years prior to starting her own company in 2010.  When she’s not working, you can usually find her somewhere near an ocean – either scuba diving, boating, cleaning up a beach, or volunteering to help save sea turtles.

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