Continuing Education

The Importance of Paralegal Continuing Education

Keeping up with your paralegal CLE requirements is important. This additional education ensures you are aware of the latest regulations and are properly trained. Many states have certification and registration programs with a defined set of requirements that a paralegal must meet and this includes…

Litigation Trial

5 Ways Paralegals Can Perfect Trial Visual Aids

Creating trial visual aids might be a large part of your role as a litigation paralegal. Using a visual to demonstrate evidence is a great way to make sure that a jury or judge understands complicated information that might be difficult to explain with words…

paralegal email etiquette
Paralegal Tips

Email Etiquette Tips For Paralegals

You are likely going to find yourself writing a wide variety of emails as a paralegal. You have to make contact with other law firms, with your clients, with organizations, etc., in order to provide the very best services to your clients. Email is a…


3 E-discovery Trends to be Prepared for in 2016

E-discovery trends can move at the speed of sound. Most law firms are already using some form of e-discovery technology, and as its convenience continues to make the lives of paralegals easier, it also makes it more complex at the same time. 2016 is going…