E-discovery Paralegal Boot Camp

Master your e-discovery projects

E-discovery Paralegal Boot Camp

The E-discovery Paralegal role has opened up so many job opportunities for litigation paralegals!  Do you want to be the “go-to” person on your team when it comes to managing e-discovery projects?

This course will help you easily transition to the role of an E-discovery Paralegal.

The E-Discovery Paralegal Boot Camp gives you the tools to develop industry-recognized best practices of managing your e-discovery projects.

As part of this course, you get our 20+ page template, the Standard Operating Procedures Manual to use on future e-discovery projects to help your e-discovery projects go smoothly.

You don’t want the attorneys on your team to know more about e-discovery projects than you!  Having a good handle on e-discovery is a must for litigation paralegals who want to excel in their career.  Read the article on how technology is changing the paralegal profession.

Fuel your litigation paralegal career with e-discovery training from the Paralegal Boot Camp.

You get access for 1 year – so you can easily start and stop the course as often as you like.  Complete the course at your pace – on your schedule.

“The E-discovery Paralegal Boot Camp is, by far, the most informative training I've ever attended. This course is certainly helpful to paralegals as it specifically targets a paralegal's role in the e-discovery process. You won't be disappointed with this course!”
“I found the E-discovery Paralegal Boot Camp to be very valuable in that I was able to apply what I was learning immediately. High scores for a great program!”
“I have been a paralegal for 35 years. The E-discovery Paralegal Boot Camp is a MUST for all paralegals in this day and time. You proved to me that one is never too old to learn something new. It was worth it!”
“Every litigation paralegal should attend the E-discovery Paralegal Boot Camp. It has really increased my skill set. The forms and checklists were invaluable!”

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E-discovery Paralegal Boot Camp

Course Detail

9-hours of video presentation, plus reading assignments, resources and downloads. Click on the module title below to learn more about the course content.

Module 1: An E-discovery Overview

Module 1 provides paralegals with the history, terminology and background to become familiar with the practice of e-discovery. This unit reviews each phase of the E-Discovery Reference Model to better understand how a paralegal can assist in managing each of those phases, together with a review of the significant case law that has affected e-discovery.

  • Basic knowledge of e-discovery
  • Define electronic discovery
  • Understand basic workflow models
  • Understand the rules and principles that govern e-discovery
  • Understand key issues in e-discovery case law

Module 2: Using E-discovery Project Management Principles

Module 2 provides instruction on the general project management principles that should be used in all e-discovery projects. We go through each of the e-discovery stages that should be in your Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP”) and provides e-discovery paralegals with the tools to draft your own SOP to use on every e-discovery project.

  • Apply general project management methodologies to the practice of e-discovery
  • Understand project scope and scheduling resources to be able to develop a defensible project plan
  • Take a proactive approach to consulting with clients
  • Drafting a Standard Operating Procedures to use on your next e-discovery project
  • Preparing a budget and controlling costs

Module 3: Understanding Both Sides of the Technology

To have an understanding of e-discovery project management, an e-discovery paralegal also needs to have an understanding of the available technology – from the client’s side and from the law firm/outside service provider side. This module walks you through the technology considerations for the phases of the EDRM that a paralegal is typically involved in and provides optional product demos to get a feel for what the technology products offer.

Module 4: Managing the Processing Phase

Module 4 covers the project management aspect of the Processing Phase of your e-discovery project. As we start our processing project, Module 4 takes you through the steps suggested by the EDRM: Assessing the Data/Planning; Selecting the Data, Preparing the Data, Validating the Data and concludes with the final Output. Additionally, this unit provides tools to prepare you for your team status meeting that takes place during the processing project, follow-up planning questions and issues to be aware of during the processing project.

Module 5: Managing the Review Phase

Module 5 takes the learner through the EDRM’s Workflow for the Review Phase and provides instruction on the e-discovery paralegal’s role in the Review Phase of the e-discovery project. Upon completion of this module, users will be able to:

  • Identify methods to limit the scope of the document review
  • Determine the strategy/plan of the review project
  • Planning for the review workflow and how various elements can affect the review project
  • Tips on managing the reviewers
  • Use quality control steps to put into place for every review project
  • Identify case law affecting the review phase

Module 6: Managing the Production Phase

Module 6 provides e-discovery paralegals with best practices to follow during the production phase of an e-discovery project, including the planning phase of production which begins at the beginning of every e-discovery project. Upon completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  • Apply e-discovery project management methodologies to the planning of the production phase of e-discovery
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the best practices for production
  • Comprehension of different production format options and effectively communicating those options to the team
  • Distinguish between the pros and cons of the various production formats
  • Understand different delivery methods for a smooth production and completion of the e-discovery project
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E-discovery Training for Paralegals

Additional Course Information

The course access period for this course is 1 year.  But life happens! Things come up that you didn’t expect. That’s not a problem.

If something comes up and you are not able to complete the course during your course access period, just shoot us an email and let us know that you need more time.

This course is approved for 9.0 CLE credits.

In addition to the course lessons, your course includes templates and forms that you will be able to download and use right away on your own cases.  As an E-discovery Paralegal, you do not want to recreate the wheel with each new case!  Some of those e-discovery tools include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOP)
  • ESI Budget Calculator
  • Data Estimator
  • Vendor Comparison Chart
  • Index to Document Reviewer Notebook for Training Reviewers
  • Document Review Decision Tree
  • Production History Log

This paralegal e-discovery course is recommended for experienced litigation paralegals who have some exposure to e-discovery projects on a regular basis or who plan to work on e-discovery projects.

If you are new to the paralegal profession, it is highly recommended that you start with our Basic Training for New Litigation Paralegals before you start this course.

e-discovery paralegalErika Santiago has experienced the extraordinary evolution of technology and litigation discovery since her start in the industry in 1995. While assisting litigation teams in the development of defensible discovery management strategies, she has worked with law firms and corporate legal departments in the design and implementation of their litigation support departments.

Erika has worked with Holland & Knight LLP and King & Spalding LLP in various litigation technology roles from project management to trial support. Today, Erika is primarily focused on teaching litigation support (E-Discovery) project management best practices backed by years of experience and knowledge of understanding project needs, setting & managing expectations, and utilizing available resources. Her previous teaching & training experience includes Miami-Dade Community College, Georgia Perimeter College and DTI’s LitWorks™ training program.  She also teaches e-discovery for Emory University’s paralegal certificate program.

Through her consulting practice, she trains legal professionals to train themselves through individual custom learning programs, coaching and developing custom training programs for corporate clients. Her approach is strictly vendor, service provider, software, and technology neutral – “The tools are not as important as the process.” She encourages and mentors others in our industry to continuously seek more knowledge in best practices towards a defensible process.

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E-discovery Training for Paralegals

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