A Path from Paralegal to Lawyer

paralegal to lawyer

Ann interviews guest Sarah Riley Mohr on how she went from paralegal to lawyer. This Q & A will give you insight on this career path and what to consider when deciding to pursue it.

Trial Notebook to the Rescue

trial binder

A new case file has been dumped on your desk. Here’s a template for a Trial Binder (aka Trial Notebook) that will help take some stress out of that trial prep emergency.

Episode 70: 10 Litigation Paralegal Tips for Success

litigation paralegal tips

In this solo episode of the Paralegals on Fire! Podcast Show, Ann Pearson gives 10 litigation paralegal tips for things you could be doing to see success in their careers and stand out at their firms. From when you should be asking for feedback to how to get out of the office sooner, these litigation […]

Episode 66: Are You Still Waiting For That On-the-Job Paralegal Training?


It happens to so many paralegal school graduates. You graduate from school and land an exciting new job, but the training to do your job well never comes. If you’re still waiting for that on-the-job paralegal training, what should you do? If you’re a new paralegal or someone who has been in the paralegal field […]