what is a litigation paralegal

What is a Litigation Paralegal?

WHAT IS A LITIGATION PARALEGAL? A litigation paralegal is someone who works under the supervision of an attorney who practices in criminal or civil litigation.  A litigation paralegal assists the attorney with many case management duties, from the complaint through the trial and the appeal. …

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e-discovery tool
e-discovery Litigation Resources

E-discovery Tool

MEET & CONFER CHECKLIST FOR LITIGATION PARALEGALS As a litigation paralegal, part of your case management duties may include getting the attorney ready for the Rule 26 Conference (the “Meet and Confer”).  This e-discovery checklist will help you get the attorney organized and ready for…

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personal injury paralegal
Litigation Paralegal Tips Trial

Trial Binder to the Rescue

THE TRIAL BINDER (a/k/a the Trial Notebook) IS A LITIGATION PARALEGAL’S TOOLBOX Getting ready for trial can be stressful enough when it’s a case you have worked on for months or years. That stress level multiplies tenfold when it’s a case that just got dumped…

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Litigation Trial

5 Ways Paralegals Can Perfect Trial Visual Aids

Creating trial visual aids might be a large part of your role as a litigation paralegal. Using a visual to demonstrate evidence is a great way to make sure that a jury or judge understands complicated information that might be difficult to explain with words…

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