Trial Notebook to the Rescue

trial binder

A new case file has been dumped on your desk. Here’s a template for a Trial Binder (aka Trial Notebook) that will help take some stress out of that trial prep emergency.

Episode 76: Can You Really Get a Paralegal Job Without a Paralegal Certificate?

paralegal certificate

In this guest episode of the Paralegals on Fire! Podcast Show, Ann Pearson talks with Jessie Foss, a board-certified trial paralegal who has worked in the legal industry for over 25 years and started her journey without a paralegal certificate. In the show, Ann and Jessie discuss how to get your foot in the door […]

What is Your 5-Year Plan?

Have you thought about what you want your life and career to look like in 5 years? Learn how to create a 5-year plan to make it happen.

Episode 67: What’s Your 5-Year Plan?

writing out a plan

In this solo episode of the Paralegals on Fire! Podcast Show Ann Pearson shares the importance of writing out a plan and taking the time to visualize what you hope to see in your future for both your career and personal life. Listen now and learn ways to start making that plan and tips on […]

Episode 65: 3 Traits of a Rockstar Paralegal

proactive paralegal

There are so many traits, skills, and habits that make for a successful paralegal career. We talk about many of them in this podcast show, but today we’re going to just focus on three of them that a rockstar paralegal has so that you can fast-track your paralegal career. Whether you’re a new paralegal or […]