Using the Billable Hour Planner Tool

In this 5-minute video, we give you a quick tutorial on using the Paralegal Boot Camp’s Billable Hour Planner Tool. This Excel spreadsheet is delivered as one of the many resources available in our Paralegal Billable Hour Boot Camp.

Paralegal Billable Hours Tool

It is more important than ever that a paralegal working in a law firm meets or exceeds their law firm’s annual billable hour goal. With this Billable Hour Planner Tool, you will be able to make a plan for how you will meet that billable hour goal when you factor in your daily work hours, total monthly hours, vacation days, holidays, and more.

You can edit the fields in the Excel file to adjust for your specific circumstances. This will allow you to plan out your year and know which months will be short and which months you can make up for those other short months.

Get a copy of the Billable Hour Planner Tool as a downloadable file that you can edit and use immediately when you enroll in the Billable Hour Boot Camp.

Billable Hour Stress?

With the Billable Hour Boot Camp‘s online course and coaching program, you will be able to 

  • easily increase your billable hours (even when work is slow!)
  • know how to draft time entries that show the real value of the work you did, and
  • be more productive than ever before. 

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