Billable Hour Calculator

How to use the Billable Hour Calculator

With this tool, you can plan out your year and how you will hit that annual billable hour target. Most people with billable hour requirements take their annual number and divide that by 12 to give themselves a monthly target to hit.

Then, when November comes around, you realize there are not enough available work hours to be able to meet or exceed their billable hour goal for the year. Or maybe you know that work typically slows down around the holidays.

Our Billable Hour Calculator along with our free video series will help you plan your year, instead of your month. Please read the instructions on using the calculator before you start inputting your numbers.



billable hour calculator
Make a plan how you will hit that billable hour target this year!

Instead, use this Billable Hour Calculator to automatically make adjustments each month depending on upcoming holidays, vacation days, and other factors.



The yellow fields are fields that you can edit.

We’ve entered the typical holidays for the year already, but you can edit those if your organization has different holidays. Or remove the date entirely if your organization does not have that as a paid holiday. Please remember to adjust any 2021 references to the current year when using the tool.


  1. Enter your Annual Billable Hour Goal.
  2. Enter your typical (or required) Daily Work Hours
  3. Verify that the holidays are the same as your organization’s holidays for 2021.
  4. Enter the number of workdays you plan to take as vacation days in 2021. Even if it’s just a long weekend here and there, be sure to adjust for vacation days.
  5. Each month, enter how many hours you actually billed that month. Right now those fields are filled in just to show you how that bottom number adjusts as you edit those fields.
  6. Note how the # of Work Days and Available Work Hours adjust for each month depending on the month and the holidays/vacation/planned days off.
  7. Also, note how there are two fields to give you an estimate of the maximum number of billable hours you could put in that month if you were working at 90% productivity versus 75% productivity.
  8. At the bottom of the Billable Hour Calculator, there is an option to print the calculations each month.
  9. At the beginning of each month, come back here to input your numbers in the Actual Billed Hours field to keep on track for the year. (BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!)


Billable Hour Calculator

Note:  This online calculator tool does not work on mobile devices at this time.  We recommend that you use it from your desktop or laptop.


A goal is just a wish without a plan!


Every month, come back and update your Billable Hour Calculator to update your billable hours from last month and make sure you are on target to meet that billable hour goal.

TIP: In the field “Annual Billable Hour Goal” you shouldn’t just put in your company’s minimum billable hour requirement. You should use the number that YOU want to hit this year and that number should be at least 50-100 hours higher than the minimum that’s required just to get by. For example, if your minimum is 1,600 billable hours, but it takes 1,700 hours to be eligible for a bonus, then use the 1,700 hours number in that field.

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