Fast-Track Your Litigation Paralegal Career

Get the 3-Step Method to Better Case Management

You'll know what your attorneys need before they ask for it. Your attorneys will think you're the rockstar paralegal who can read their minds!

This low-tech method doesn't require expensive case management software and it will allow you to be the master of information on all of your litigation cases.

Are you tired of waiting for

Someone to show you what to do?

Let's face it...attorneys don't make great trainers. That's because they didn't learn how to train people in law school - they learned how to practice law.

AND they think you learned everything you need to know about being a litigation paralegal in your paralegal certificate program. But no one does! You're not alone. We were all there.

You're not alone. EVERY new litigation paralegal thinks...

  • My School didn't prepare me for this!
  • I don't know how to do this, so I'll spend hours asking Google.
  • Attorneys are impatient and don't explain this clearly.
  • The other paralegals won't take the time to help me.
  • Maybe I'm not cut out to be a litigation paralegal?!

As a litigation paralegal, does it sometimes feel as if you need to become a mind reader to stay ahead of those last-minute requests?

If only your attorney would tell you what’s going on in your cases when they actually learn about it rather than right before it’s due. (We can hear the laughter out loud from here!)

Instead of wasting your time trying to change that procrastinator, what if you could do something differently?

What if you could proactively manage your cases instead of your cases managing you?

With our 3 easy steps you will be able to anticipate what the attorney needs before they ask for it.

Get the Easy

3-Step Method Now.

Don't put the success of your career on hold while you wait for someone to show you how to manage your cases!

Why We Do It

Ann Pearson is the Founder of the Paralegal Boot Camp®. Ann develops training programs exclusively for paralegals and other legal professionals who work under the supervision of attorneys.

I remember nearly 30 years ago starting my new paralegal position and in those early days, literally sitting at my desk asking "what am I supposed to be doing?!" I learned all about the rules of civil procedure and how to do legal research in school, but now I'm on the job and I don't know what to do. 

And it turned out that I wasn't alone! It wasn't the school that failed me. All paralegal graduates start their career with the book knowledge, but not the actual skills needed to be successful.

That's what motivated me to start my own company in 2010. To help paralegals with courses that add immediate value to their careers. We don't fill file cabinets with CLE certificates of completion. Instead, we add skills that help paralegals in the real work that they do.

– Ann Pearson

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